Why You Should Give Into Cravings


Most fitness/ weight loss coaches or trainers are going to tell you to stay away from XYZ. Don’t eat that ice cream, chocolate, cereal, peanut butter, waffles, whatever because you’ll stay fat. But that’s not how I roll, nor is that what I recommend.

Everyone who says they want to lose weight, and have a significant amount to lose, almost always jump to some drastic diet so they can quickly lose the weight and be skinny. Well the body, and life in general, don’t work that way. I can almost guarantee that if you go from junk food junkie to no carbs, no sugar, no anything you’re used to eating, you’ll quit within a few weeks or months and then end up going back to the food junkie you were because losing weight is “too hard”.

And I agree, if you do it that way then it is hard! Completely cutting out anything you ever wanted and enjoyed is no way to live, even to get healthy or thin. Take it from someone who’s done all that, its NOT the way to go.

Also take it from someone who changed their eating habits for a lifetime, lost 50lbs got healthy, strong and fit, that THAT is the way to go. I still eat chocolate, and cookies, and my favorite cereals. On a daily basis? No but I don’t crave all that daily either. But I will admit I pretty much eat a small piece or two of dark chocolate everyday and I’m still losing the 40lbs of baby weight I gained. Is all the weight I gained just falling off my body? No, but it’s still coming off and I’m getting strong again and toning up and feeling energized, and I still had cheesecake, and candy and goodies on Christmas and Christmas eve. And NO I didn’t punish myself for it either. I didn’t feel guilty, it felt great actually.

You think I’m selling you some BS but I ain’t about that.

See, I think you should give into cravings, not the kind that say you should eat an entire bag of Doritos or cake on the daily or donuts every morning for breakfast. Those aren’t cravings those are BAD habits. No, I’m talking like if your with friends and everyone’s getting dessert have a couple bites! If it’s a holiday eat a piece of pie, and then get back to eating healthy and for your goals the next meal or day. And one piece of cake doesn’t “ruin” your diet and give you an excuse to chow down from then on. (I’ve used that excuse.)

One thing I’m going to say is, get some patients for the LOVE!

Seriously, it’s like if you aren’t at your goal weight in 30 days and you want to quit, you’re being absolutely ridiculous. (This used to be me so I can say it.)

I’ve given myself 6 months to get back into shape. 6 months to lose 40lbs of baby weight. Not a month or even three. A HALF year! Why? Because it takes time to do it in a healthy SUSTAINABLE way. Sure, I could do something drastic and probably lose it faster but I don’t want to and it wouldn’t last.

So give into that craving for a piece of chocolate.

Have a waffle for breakfast once in a while. Or better yet, make a whole wheat protein waffle, top it with some Simply Fruit jam instead of butter and syrup and eat it every day. Losing weight, getting lean and healthy doesn’t have to be hard. It is what you make it.

It is what you think. If you think it’s hard, it will be. If you decide that you love eating healthy, then you will. If you think it’s what you want, then it’s what you want. Mindset is EVERYTHING.

And honestly the second, and I mean the SECOND you tell yourself you CANT have something, you want it. I don’t know why, it’s the human condition, but once you cut yourself off from food you love, you’ll crave it mentally and eventually binge eat it. Wouldn’t it be better to just eat it when you REALLY do want it? Feel the difference between “I CAN’T have that” to “I DON’T want that”, and seriously, learn to know the difference between really wanting something and boredom eating.

Boredom eating is a killer! Get control of it. I really know and believe that it’s a mental battle. You are what you think about. Also the less you eat junk, the less you crave it. Keep that in mind.



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