Total Body Tone Up

It’s time for another workout! This one will get your heart pumping and tone up and work your whole body! It isn’t going to be easy but you’re up for a challenge right? Challenging your body changes your body! You want to look good and toned, you better work girl!

You’ll need a light weight for one of the workouts. I use a 10 lbs dumbbell. Save this workout to your phone along with the others and you’ll have a great workout all week long!


  1. Push Up Get Ups! Its exactly like it sounds. Do a push up.( I do as many as I can on my toes then switch to my knees) then hop to your feet and hold a squat for a three count and drop back down shooting your feet back. Do as many as you can in 1 minute.

pushup get up

pushup get up2


2. Wood Chops- grab a weight and get to chopping! You’ll start with the dumbbell by one foot in a squat and swing the weight up passed your head on the opposite side of your body. DO as many as you can in 30 seconds then switch sides.

wood chops1

wood chops2

3.  Squat with a Side Knee Raise- Just like it sounds squat and raise your knee to the side. Do as many as you can in 30 seconds then switch sides.

squat to side leg lift

squat to side knee raise

4. Half Burpee- Start in a plank position and shoot your feet in up by your shoulders and then drive both feet back into a plank position. DO this for 1 minute!

half burpee1

half burpee2

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Enjoy your workout ladies. Look under the Fitness Tab for more free workouts.



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