Tight Tummy Workout


EVERYONE after a nice tight and toned tummy, right? It’s not easy to get but with proper nutrition and a good workout you can achieve it! I’ve put together an awesome tummy workout that I was doing (before pregnancy) and you want to do it, trust me!

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tight tummy bombshell workout


Here are the step by step instructions for this workout.

  1. Toe touch crunch- I’m not exactly touching my toes but reaching for them anyway one leg at a time. You’ll want to keep your core pulled in tight when reaching for those toes. Do 30 seconds on each leg, repeat 4 times!

single leg lift touch

2. Plank Walk- You’ll start in a standing position, slowly bend down, walk out to a full plank and then walk your hands back in and stand. Do this for 1 minute (as many as you can), and repeat 4 times.



3. Reverse Crunch- This is a great move for the lower belly pouch. Start laying on your back with your hands at your sides and feet on the ground. Slowly lift your legs up and straight into the air, using your core muscles and then lower back down. DO this for 1 minute ( as many as you can) repeat 4 times.

reverse crunch2

reverse crunch

4. Plank Push Up- Start lying on your tummy then push up from the ground into a plank, hold for a 3 count and slowly lower back down. This will work not only your core, but arms and back. DO this for 1 minute (as many times as you can) repeat 4 times!

plank push up1adv

plank push up2adv


This may be a difficult workout but it gets results! Push yourself, don’t just go through the motions, and remember it takes time to see changes! Never give up, and make working out and eating healthy your lifestyle not just a temporary thing.

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