This Sucks

Do you ever just think at times, “this sucks”

I mean, I get in these moods sometimes.

Everything just isn’t going how I would like.

And i wonder… if I’m on the right path why is it so difficult?

I read a quote the other day: “If you’re on the right path it will always be up hill.“

Funny how those things pop up at the right time.

I loved that quote. And in truth, most of my problems are trivial.

The baby wakes up twice and I get a crummy nights sleep.

Someone leaves a rude comment on social.

I can’t eat everything I want and stay slim haha

Why doesn’t my hair grow faster?

My business ventures hit road blocks

And then I watched a movie with Brad Pitt called Allied. It’s good by the way.

And at the end I just thought… I’m so glad I didn’t have to live during World War II.

Sometimes things need to get put into perspective.

Take count to how many good things you have.

I have a beautiful, happy and healthy baby girl.

A husband who works hard, is loyal and loves me.

I’m free

A wonderful family.

The list goes on.

I have more than enough to be happy! And I bet you do too.

I’m a believer that happiness is a state of mind.

I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for sticking around 🙂




  1. Thanks for a good article to read! I always love reading your stuff! It’s true how little things can get you down so much and then you really think about it and your life isn’t so bad. I mean mine like you say! Have a good day!

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