The Real Reason You Aren’t Losing Weight

If we look back, oh, a hundred years, give or take, people didn’t even know what calories were let alone how to count them and yet obesity and our population being overweight only happened fifty or so years ago when counting calories, eating low fat foods or low carbohydrates or no gluten and so on became the all the rage. Why is that? I mean you have to wonder, right?  With all these wonderful diet’s out there that “Work” why are more than 65% of American’s overweight?

Well after watching the way people eat and going over someone’s meals for the day because they tell me they can’t lose weight and when I’ve asked about daily activity, as well as personal experience from when I was heavier. I’ve come up with an answer.  Here is why you are not losing weight 98% of the time. (if there’s a medical problem, it could be different).

The over eating of processed foods. Some people call me “a health nut” but humans for thousands of years only ate what they could grow, hunt, or gather, am i right?

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They didn’t eat foods out of a box with chemicals they can’t pronounce listed in the ingredients like so many of us do now.

They also moved a lot more because they had to in order to survive. Now, many of us sit in front of our T.V.’s and computers or stare at our phones more than half the day rather than working outside and growing our own food.

We run to the fast food joint down the road for a quick meal which most times is loaded with trans fat, sodium and sugar, a bad combo. We eat at restaurants where the portion sizes are out of control! We began eating food out of the box and packages with preservatives and added chemicals. Treats became an everyday, all day, occurrence rather than sparingly which is how they’re meant to be eaten. It’s not considered a treat anymore if you eat it all the time.

This is how the obesity epidemic happened. It’s not simply because of carbohydrates or fats or sugar; (well, it is when these are over-consumed together) it’s processed, unnatural food with chemicals that make us want to eat more and highly rewarding foods that are like a kick to the taste buds, also making us want to eat more and more, and sitting on our asses.

Then there’s this. A HUGE part of it is how you think about at your weight loss journey. I’m completely convinced that losing weight and getting in shape is all in the mind.

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I mean, if you REALLY, and I mean REALLY want to get fit you’ll find a way. You can find anything you need to lose weight for free on the internet. It just takes a little research.

A person who’s really ready to finally lose the pounds will NOT do the following.

>>You’re NOT going to start eating healthy only to give up after 2 weeks and go back to your old ways.

>>You WILL NOT start working out and quit after a few days because you’re too sore.

>>You WON’T quit in the middle of a workout because it’s too hard. (waaahhh cry baby)

>>You’re NOT going to make excuses as to why you deserve to eat three or four cookies. (One is sufficient. Same goes for cake, brownies, ice cream soda etc.)

>>You’re NOT going to find reasons why you cant get a workout in or go for a walk.

No, that’s not what a person who’s truly changed  and made up their mind does.

>>A person who’s in the mindset that enough is enough will get out and walk every day no matter what. Shit, I’ve even walked my 10,000 steps in my house because it was too cold outside.

Here’s what you will do.

>>You WILL skip the desert after dinner. (most of the time)

>>You WILL eat smaller portions.

>>You WILL make time to be active.

>>You WILL push yourself through a tough workout and stop being a sissy.

>>You WILL eat until you’re satisfied not stuffed

>>You WILL eat only when hungry.

>>You WILL stop eating fast food.

>>You WILL eat healthy foods.

>>You WILL stop drinking sugary drinks.

>>You WILL get stronger willpower and drive to succeed each day.

>>You WILL believe in yourself

Being fit and healthy WILL become part of your life.

These are things things that you will do.

When it comes down to someone who’s fit and someone who’s obese it’s a difference between food choices, food amount and activity level. That’s about it. It’s not really that difficult.

What’s hard is getting you’re mind right. Everyone knows that they shouldn’t eat burgers and fries and ice cream every day if they want to lose weight. They know that eating a chicken salad for dinner is a better choice. Yet, most will choose wrongly.

Why? Because the mind/body is wired to crave the combination of fats, carbs and sugar. Here’s why is it so hard to stop eating a donuts but not carrots.  And the more you feed your body that the more you want it. I’m not saying to outlaw all your favorite foods because that’s NOT a good place to be and won’t last but 80% of the time you should be eating the salad with chicken or the rice and salmon not the burger and fries or nachos.

You catching what I’m throwing out there, yet? It’s all up to you! If I can go from junk food junkie at 50lbs over weight and become a health nut/ fit chick, anyone can! YOU can.


before&after janie kearl

If I can go from a size 15/16 to 4/6 so can you.

janie hannan kearl

All I hope to do is inspire someone to live a healthier, happier active life. Believe in yourself, don’t get down when it’s hard, give yourself time to change and you will succeed! But most importantly, love yourself  and your body enough to make a change!




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