Skinny Sparkling Lemonade

Skinny Sparkling MineralHow to make sparkling lemonade that’s low cal and low sugar, but no artificial sweeteners


Lemonade on a hot day is refreshing, cool and yummy. It’s like summer in a glass, right? Unfortunately it’s usually just as bad as drinking soda as far as sugar and calories are concerned so I usually steer clear or only have a small amount.

I also steer clear of artificial sweeteners majority of the time as well so that leaves me drinking water, and sometimes a girl wants something else to give a sweet kick to the taste buds.

Introducing the marriage of sparkling water, which is basically just carbonated water, and Simply Lemonade.


Now you’re probably like umm Simply Lemonade has lots of sugar. True it does, however, if you only use a small amount it’s not bad. I pour a small amount and by that I mean 2 oz and then fill the rest of my glass with the sparkling water brand of choice and for a little extra sweetness add 5-6 drops of liquid stevia, all natural no calorie sweetener. Oh, and of course, add ice.

A serving size of Simply Lemonade is 8 oz and has 28 g of sugar and 28 g of carbs and 120 calories. So we cut that into a quarter which leaves us with 7 g of sugar and 7 g of carbs and 30 calories. I didn’t say NO sugar I said low. Hope you enjoy.

It’s really good this way and you won’t be sabotaging your body and health goals by drinking this. Let me know what you think! Are there any low cal, low sugar drinks you make?

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