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Ok, lets get real for a minute about the post baby body. I had Jaylee 2 weeks ago and I’d gained a total of 40lbs over my pregnancy. If you’ve followed more for awhile, you know that I had a hard pregnancy and wasn’t able to workout. In fact, I was feeling crappy enough that I had to lay in bed a lot.

Today was my first workout back for like 7 months and it felt GREAT! And I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow but that means I actually put in some work. I haven’t gotten on the scale because I don’t like to go by weight, although I’m sure at my 6 week check up at the doc they’ll weigh me.

I like to go by photos. So if you want to follow my journey of getting back into shape sign up here and follow me on Insta and Facebook. I’m giving myself 6 months to get in even better shape than I was before baby!

Ladies, you need to know that it takes time, and probably more than you want to build a great body. Sure, I could go on some really strict diet, take some pills and lose fat fast but I know I want stick to that, and end up gaining weight back, so it’s about following a healthy every day routine.

Here’s a photo of me 9 months pregnant.

cute fall maternity photoshoot

Here’s me as of today. Honestly I thought I’d look worse after my pregnancy than I do, (not that the extra flab is where I want it to be, obviously) but I’ve lost more weight than this before and I know its doable with time, proper healthy eating and exercise!

I want to be real with everyone and show you that it’s possible. I know sometimes it’s hard when results don’t come right away but it takes patience and dedication.

janie 2 weeks post partum

janie 2 weeks post partum

And Pre baby body!

janie hannan kearl


I’ve actually set a goal to become a fitness model and get on the cover of a fitness magazine!

I’m going to be following my own workout and eating plan, (which I’ll come out with later) and I’ll be looking for 10-15 test ladies for the Bombshell Body plan soon.

You can get the free 1 week of it right now,  just enter your email below and it’s an automatic download… I’ve tested the free week previously and ladies be loving their results! One girl lost 10lbs the first week and her husband 8.

I’ll be posting some of my workouts and what I eat on Instagram and Facebook along the way so be sure to follow me!






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  1. Good article! Your a very good writer! I always like to read your stuff you post! It will be fun watching your journey of getting into shape and losing your baby weight!

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