On Body Shaming


I find it peculiar that most of the body shaming crap is entirely one sided as of late.

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me I should “eat more” that I “need to eat a cheese burger” I’m, “too skinny”, and now that I’m pregnant, that my “belly is too small.”  And big surprise “So I need to eat more.”  I get that some are joking but I think they’re serious behind the laughter, honestly.


   If I were overweight would anyone tell me to stop eating so much besides maybe a doctor? Would they say “Damn, lay off the cheese burgers you’re getting too big”?

Or if I started gaining a ton of weight during this pregnancy would someone say, “Eating for two, huh?”

99% of people would not say a word. And if they did everyone would be in an uproar about it!

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while but a news story I saw today set this off for me. This is an ad going around in the UK and thousands are apparently petitioning to get it removed because it’s “body shaming”. They are trying to ban ALL ads like this now. Like for real.

Also, note the writing on the wall.bodyshaming(Photo source http://www.itv.com/news/2015-07-01/beach-body-ready-ad-ruled-inoffensive/)

OH But this isn’t body shaming because they don’t look like the girl above?

body shame

(photo source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3062882/Yes-beach-body-ready-New-poster-featuring-curvy-bikini-clad-women-spoofs-controversial-Protein-World-ad.html)

            Why is it that a lean woman in a bikini makes people so angry? Does someone else’s appearance really make people feel so bad about themselves? If that ad makes you angry, instead of “poor me” thinking, how about you do something about it instead of whine. theBombshellInitiative.com        Or maybe we all need to just stop comparing bodies and be happy with ourselves. OR maybe people need to stop being so damn sensitive. (And in case you didn’t notice, none of the women in the Dove Ad photo’s are fat.)

The girl in the ad being slammed doesn’t look starving to me. Yes, she’s thin (too thin in some people’s eyes?) compared to the average person in any developed country BUT the average person is now also considered overweight.

Statistically in the U.S. (this is where I live so I’m using it as reference) and according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • More than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or  obese.
  • More than one-third (35.7 percent) of adults are considered to be obese.
  • More than 1 in 20 (6.3 percent) have extreme obesity.

Reference: http://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/health-statistics/Pages/overweight-obesity-statistics.aspx

I get that the ad is insinuating that to be “beach body ready” a woman needs to look like her by having a small waist and thin legs. And most likely she’s been photo shopped in some way. This insinuation isn’t true. Go to the beach with ANY body.

    But seriously, it’s a catchy slogan. That’s all. The only reason ads like this work is because a vast majority of women wish they looked like her. SHE sells their product with her BODY.

The weight loss industry makes billions a year for a reason.

Still, there are those who get offended because the ad is basically telling the reader to lose weight.

      It’s not unrealistic to eat a healthy diet and exercise or to look similar to the woman in the ad. I was very healthy and looked close to what she does (before pregnancy, I now have a belly) and guess what? It wasn’t that hard to do once I decided to get active and changed my diet up.meMaybe I’m not as “skinny” as the model here but does it bother me? No. We have different body types. So what?

I eat real food, not processed junk or fast food all the time (like I once did) and I only eat when I’m hungry. Crazy concept, I know. I’m healthy, that’s what matters. Most likely the model is healthy too.

Ever since I began losing weight years ago, I faced a lot of back lash. It’s as though people around me wanted me to stay unhealthy and fat.

At 185lbs I was determined to lose some poundage so I’d skip out on the ice cream and burgers and fries for a long time but people would tell me “just have some. It’s not a big deal” or “what? You’re not ever going to eat ice cream again?”

Which of course was over exaggerating. Sure, I eat ice cream and burgers just not as much as I used to.

It frustrated me so much because here I was trying so hard to lose weight, struggling daily, to get healthy and people were sabotaging me.

   SHAMING me for trying to be healthy.

      I ignored most of it but to this day it bothers me that people make comments all the time about what I’m eating or NOT eating. It bothers me that people didn’t comment on what I ate when I was overweight but it’s okay now that i’m not?   #doublestandard


            So why is it okay for people to body shame the fit model or me or anyone trying to lose weight and get fit but it’s the end of the world, if heaven forbid, someone says for an overweight person who is ruining their health to do something about it?

You can destroy a friendship for life by telling someone they need to lose weight or mention they shouldn’t have that second or third cookie if said person is fat but tell someone who’s a normal healthy weight they need to eat more and it’s no big deal.

I know how it feels to be the “chubby girl” but never did I once hate myself or get offended because someone else’s appearance. It’s an internal issue not an outward one.

Sure I’m guilty of making comments.When I was a kid I used to call my brother “string bean” because he was so scrawny and he’d get mad. Lucky for him he never called me chubby or fat because I’m older lol. Of course it would have hurt my feelings but it hurt his that i called him names just the same.

The only time someone should the concerned about someone being “so skinny, they need to eat more” is if that man or woman is extremely underweight and has an eating disorder. Only then is it unhealthy! Only then should it be a concern.

I’m most definitely not promoting the shaming of ANY BODY. Especially anyone who is overweight. It disgusts me when people make fun of someone in the gym who is heavy. Like HELLO they are there to better themselves. If how ugly the person who makes fun of others for their weight were on the inside showed on the outside maybe we’d all be laughing at them?

Weight is a sensitive issue for many. It’s not easy to lose weight and change habits. If it was then no one would have a problem. Some people are naturally skinny and have a hard time gaining weight. Some women wished they had more curves! Someone else’s weight whether thin of fat simply doesn’t need to be commented on.

Shaming isn’t the right way to go about it. I don’t know a single person who decided to lose weight because people made fun of them for their size, in fact it usually has the opposite effect. Or a woman that’s “too thin” suddenly decides to eat more because you said so. People don’t work like that so how about everyone just keeps their body shaming thoughts to themselves for either side.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle by leading a healthy lifestyle is a good way to inspire others. But someone who isn’t healthy and tries to bring someone else down because of it, shut up.

I only bring this up because I don’t think this side of the coin is talked about much.

What are your thoughts?












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Skinny Sparkling Lemonade

Skinny Sparkling MineralHow to make sparkling lemonade that’s low cal and low sugar, but no artificial sweeteners


Lemonade on a hot day is refreshing, cool and yummy. It’s like summer in a glass, right? Unfortunately it’s usually just as bad as drinking soda as far as sugar and calories are concerned so I usually steer clear or only have a small amount.

I also steer clear of artificial sweeteners majority of the time as well so that leaves me drinking water, and sometimes a girl wants something else to give a sweet kick to the taste buds.

Introducing the marriage of sparkling water, which is basically just carbonated water, and Simply Lemonade.


Now you’re probably like umm Simply Lemonade has lots of sugar. True it does, however, if you only use a small amount it’s not bad. I pour a small amount and by that I mean 2 oz and then fill the rest of my glass with the sparkling water brand of choice and for a little extra sweetness add 5-6 drops of liquid stevia, all natural no calorie sweetener. Oh, and of course, add ice.

A serving size of Simply Lemonade is 8 oz and has 28 g of sugar and 28 g of carbs and 120 calories. So we cut that into a quarter which leaves us with 7 g of sugar and 7 g of carbs and 30 calories. I didn’t say NO sugar I said low. Hope you enjoy.

It’s really good this way and you won’t be sabotaging your body and health goals by drinking this. Let me know what you think! Are there any low cal, low sugar drinks you make?

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5 Simple Half Up Half Down Hairstyles You’ll Love

I’m obsessed with long hair, but i also have a slight problem of changing my hair color often which damages the crap out of it. I’m currently growing my hair out from above my shoulder to now a couple inches below my shoulders but I’m dreaming and waiting for the day my hair is at least mid back once again.

I wear clip in hair extensions on occasion but as of late i just don’t feel like wearing them. I’m debating on getting micro bead extensions some time here soon but it’s still up for debate since i have a baby due in October and I have lots of things to buy. Making my hair longer for a few hundred bucks isn’t exactly a priority.

But day dreaming about long hair is what has inspired this post today… long pretty hair!


  1. Cara Loren is one of my fav bloggers! And she has amazing hair. This hairstyle is so cute and easy to do.

cara loren-half up



2. I don’t know who this is but i LOVE the braid. It just adds a little something different to the every day bunhalf down braid bun



3. Another braid. Loosely done on the top of the head and pulled into a bun. So cute.

half up braid



4. Easy bun with loose curls. half up bun



5. I just like the way Hilary Duff’s hair is pulled out of her face but still has volume. I’m a lover of big hair!half up poof


I suppose you don’t have to have really long hair to pull this styles off. I’ll try some myself and do a post and we can see what they look like on medium length hair. Although, I’ll warn you it could be a minute. Being 7 months pregnant doesn’t have me motivated to actually do my hair often. I’ve been very sick throughout my pregnancy.

Anyway, I hope you try these styles out and if you do tag me in the pictures!













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6 Rules To A Flat Tummy

Flat Tummy Rules @ the Bombshell Initiative

  It seems that all of us are in search of the illusive flat tummy.  To some it comes naturally, others it’s like a mythical unicorn that they don’t imagine themselves ever seeing. It’s something that is difficult for most people to achieve because of the average lifestyle. So I’m going to tell you what it takes and how to get one.

   YOU have to decide if you’re willing to put in the effort. All the knowledge in the world won’t do you a any good if you don’t take action!

Rule one

Lose all over body fat. You can’t spot reduce fat, meaning, if you want to lose belly fat you have to lose fat all over. Period. There is no other way around it. And to do this you must burn more calories than you take in.

Rule Two

Take probiotics; they are a must for most people. Have you ever taken anitbiotics, ate processed food, ate lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates? DO you experience bloating and gas? Maybe even occasional or reoccurring acne? Taking a probiotic helps restore the good bacteria in your gut. You need a healthy gut flora to have a flat tummy. A probiotic supplement helps with the digestion process.

A good probiotic will have BILLIONS of good bacteria and at least 9-10 strains. This will control acne, encourages a balance of good bacteria in the body, helps improve immune function and encourages healthy cell renewal AND help get you a flatter tummy.

Rule Three

Do high intensity cardio & Plank exercises. A study by East Tennessee University  wroteIt terms of exercise as a means of weight control, it appears evident that high intensity interval training may produce a change in fat weight and body composition not found in low intensity interval training, especially when a longer training period is used.”

It’s shorter periods of time and burns more fat.

Planks work your entire core and won’t build out abs but make a flat belly.

Rule Four

Go for a walk or a lower intensity workout on an empty stomach each day. I know the above study shows that high intensity is better than low intensity for weight loss BUT People underestimate the power of walking and its many benefits. It’s easy to do and you can do it for a long time. Someone who’s fresh off the couch is going to have a harder time doing a 25 minute high intensity training session than a 60 minute walk. It doesn’t burn a ton of calories but you can do it for long periods of time and it gets you into the “fat burning zone”.

I suggest you watch a YouTube video titled “23 1/2 Hours” for the many benefits of walking. Such as lowering depression, helping with arthritis, weight loss and more.

Training on an empty stomach in the morning where you’ve been fasting for usually at least 8 hours, helps you burn stored fat instead of stored glycogen or sugar.

Rule Five

Eat about 80% whole foods. Whole foods are great for you and usually lower in calories so you can feel full and satisfied. They are foods with asingle ingredient, chicken, rice, apples, carrots etc. They aren’t altered in any way and usually lower in sugar and they aren’t processed or refined. Which helps with a flatter tummy.

Rule Six

Macronutrient balance determines body composition. If you want a flat toned tummy you need to eat enough protein, carbs and fats and in the right way.  You could potential lose weight on diet soda, chips and Twinkies if the calories are low enough but you’ll look “skinny fat” with a fat tummy.

And there we have it gang. These are my tried and true methods. It’s how i lost 50lbs and how i plan on losing my baby weight after I have Jaylee Jane in October!


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My 20 Year Old Self Wouldn’t Have Believed It


janie kearl @ The Bombshell Initiative

I used to be the junkiest of the junk food eaters. I mean, i was a sweet tooth to the max and I’m also a snacker. I don’t know why but food is often on my mind. When people say “Oh, i forgot to eat” .. I just stare in astonishment WTF! who “forgets” to eat? ! How does one forget to eat? Even now I love eating. Although I’ve switched to foods that are better for my body and mind and smaller portions. I still just plain and simple like to eat and snack. My mother-in-law recently told me that food is a burden to her. She only eats because she has to… again mind blow. I guess people are just wired differently.

I haven’t done one of these transformation posts so thought I’d share because I know losing weight can be a long war but there’s hope! Lol it just takes winning many different battles with yourself EVERY DAY. Fit Janie won the war but Chubby Janie still hangs around in the shadows. What I’m trying to say is that even though I’m fit and healthy now, it’s not easy for me. Yeah, I’d like to eat ice cream every day and burgers and fries but I don’t. Because I know how it makes me feel.. like crap… and i don’t like the way i look when i eat like that either.

When people see me now it’s hard for them to see the girl who used to be a bad junk food eater that hated working out. Now people call me a “health nut” and when they think of me, many think of a girl who’s into fitness. If I’d have told my 20-year-old self that, she wouldn’t have believed it.

YOU can become the person you want to as well, you just have to make a firm decision and fight the old each day and focus on becoming the new healthy, strong, you. I believe in you! Seriously, if i can make the change I know that anyone can.



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