New Balayage Hair

I was tired of having ALL blonde hair. I know most girls want to be blonde. That was me in high school but then I went super dark a few years back and was like, wo I look so much better with darker hair! I was platinum blonde for a long time. But its more maintenance touching up my roots so often because my natural is a light ashy blonde in case you’re curious. But I feel like the all blonde washes me out and my green/blue eyes stand out more when I have dark in my hair. I’ve been wanting to do this balayage style for awhile because I think it’s so pretty!

I know everyone’s doing it but hey, there’s a reason! Basically with my hair she did a reverse, instead of painting the blonde on the ends she painted the dark at the roots. She didn’t touch my blonde only added dark and I love it!balayage

balayage- balayage



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