Maternity Photoshoot

To be honest I didn’t really want to do the maternity shoot. I’m not one of those women that’s enjoying pregnancy and “glowing”, feeling so beautiful and loving the big belly. You might think I’m “glowing” in the photos below but trust me it’s just a lot of makeup, a great photographer and a nice camera. I have a rash on my face from the pregnancy… And I’ve actually been a pretty big complainer (and I’m usually not) because I’ve felt sick, passed out, can hardly walk at times because my legs get jello-y,¬† went through a phase were I was afraid to drive my car or go anywhere alone because I worried about fainting at any given time, got some itchy pregnancy rash… not fun. You can read more about that on my other post here

But my husband said something to me today that made me feel a little bad. He said “every time you say you hate being pregnant, or complain about it, it makes me think you wish you never got pregnant.” And having had a miscarriage previous to this one, that one hit me. I shouldn’t be complaining, because I’m blessed to have gotten pregnant second time and with only 4 more days to go she’s healthy! I’ve been trying to keep that in mind the past few months it’s just been hard mentally. I’m so used to being independent and active and I’ve been very limited on what I can do.

But any way’s my mom was my photographer and did a freaking amazing job! and if you’re in the Idaho Falls area, you should have her take your pictures! Her website is you can also find her on facebook¬† Suzanne S Photography.

We did the photoshoot up on my grandparents land just outside Idaho Falls. They call it “the dry farm” where they used to farm winter wheat and there’s even a cute little shack up there that’s still standing. I should have taken some pictures of it.

We loved the colors and all the trees. It was the perfect place to do a photoshoot!

If you’re wondering, I got my dress, from Ross Dress For Less… which is pretty much where I shop all the time for dresses and cute tops.


matenity photoshoot with sunflare

maternity photoshoot in a field with sunflare

the bombshell initiative maternity photoshoot

fall maternity photo shoot in floral dress fall maternity photoshoot on

maternity photoshoot on

maternity photoshoot, floral dress, windmills maternity photoshooot in a field

janie kearl maternity photoshoot on

And the black and whites!

black and white maternity photo on black and white maternity photoshoot on

black and white maternity heart black and white maternity photo on

liked this one so much I did it in B&W and color!black and white maternity photo

Who else is having a baby soon? Will you do a maternity shoot?

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