Killer Legs Workout

If you want awesome, toned legs, you need these moves in your routine. I work my legs/booty 2/3 times a week. I’m trying to grow my booty, tone my legs and lose fat right now. It takes heavy lifting and protein to gain muscle and lose fat. And in case you were wondering, you have to have grown muscle to be “toned”. You see this muscle when you have a low enough body fat percentage. Which is where diet is key, but we’ll get into that on another post. (Or you could download my free Bombshell Body week which has a grocery list and meal guide along with exercises. Sign up HERE for that)

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Each exercise you want to add weight. I use the bar for most of the exercises except the wide squat where I use a dumbbell. I also add weight to the bar but for the photo’s it was easier to get a good shot with no weight while doing squats a lunges.

Do a warm up set with the back lunges for 20 reps.

Then with each exercise after do 8-11 reps repeat for 3 sets, BUT make sure that each of these are a challenge! I can’t stress enough how important it is that you should be wore out by the end of this workout. You should STRUGGLE to get to 11. and I’m talking legs shaking, face red, breathing hard last rep!

If you feel like you could do 5 or even 10 more reps then it’s not hard enough and you need to add more weight. No, you wont get bulky from doing this. Adding weight is how you gain muscle. Trust me, if you don’t do this, you’ll stay looking the same for years. ( This happened to me). I just lifted for a number and lifted the same weight each week and then wondered why I always looked the same.

Do as wise Janie says and start adding weight, get your diet on point (lots of protein less junk) and you’ll progress quickly.

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