Jaylee Jane has arrived!


My little baby girl Jaylee Jane was born Wednesday October 5th at 5:12pm! And let me just say we are so in love with her! I feel like I was always meant to have her. Like she’d been waiting all my life to come to me. As a mother, have you felt this?

To be honest, I didn’t have a super strong desire to be a mother. People always asked when we were going to have kids and I’d just say, “when i have one.” We weren’t trying and I was happy with my free time and the way life was.

Until I got pregnant the first time and lost that baby to a miscarriage and it absolutely devastated me. I never knew how much I wanted that little baby until it was gone. I cried in bed for days wondering why this happened especially when there’s teenagers who don’t want and aren’t ready, having babies all the time. Or crack heads, or so many women who chose to abort that precious child… and I couldn’t have mine!? Someone who is ready, and wanting it?

After a week or so I accepted what happened, made peace with it, and I still think about who that baby might have been from time to time.

When I got pregnant with Jaylee almost exactly one year later (baby #1 was due Oct 17th and Jaylee, due Oct 5th) I worried, in the back of my mind, almost the entire time that something might go wrong. I almost couldn’t be excited about it because I didn’t want to get my hopes up only to get let down again. But she’s here and she’s healthy and honestly I couldn’t love her more. I was singing to her last night and started crying because I just love her so much. It’s the craziest feeling to fall in love with someone so fast!

Here are some pics from the hospital! If you want to see more follow me on facebook!

the kearl's from thebombshellinitive.com

travis and jaylee janie and jaylee

jaylee just born jaylee jane- thebombshellinitiative

the happy bombshell family new mommy


I’m enjoying spending time with my little love, but I’ll be back to posting on the regular soon! Lots more bombshell girly things coming your way!

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