About Janie

Janie Hannan-Kearl is the bombshell chick behind The Bombshell Initiative.

She lives in Idaho with her husband, her baby girl Jaylee Jane, family and her black Pomeranian Loki.

She’s been writing for several years, dabbling in blogging and loves to write YA novels. She hopes to publish one someday.

She found a passion for fitness and healthy nutrition after struggling for years with her weight. Self proclaimed “fit chick and health nut” who used to be a  lazy, junk food junkie, and made a decision to help other women who struggle with being overweight and self esteem. She fully believes that losing weight is ALL in the right mindset. “People grossly under estimate the power of their thoughts,” she says.

Obsession with all things hair and makeup isn’t an understatement… and dry skin lotions. She’ll try anything 😉

Loves country music and horses.

Loves the beach, sunshine, tan skin, long eyelashes and is a natural blonde who wishes she was a brunette.

She believes that although being beautiful on the outside is a wonderful blessing, being kind, smart, standing by what you believe in and being loyal is often underrated and it shouldn’t be.

She believes in freedom.

She believes that anyone can do anything they want if they hustle and don’t try to skip the struggle.

The Bombshell Initiative is all about strong women who strive to not just live but thrive.

janie kearl's wedding