Curls and Braids and 4th of July Dress

I’m actually not that great at hair styles but I love how simple this is! Here’s a few pictures  of the little photoshoot we did. And wouldn’t this dress be perfect for the 4th of July? Thrown on some red lipstick and boom!


Okay isn’t my baby Jaylee the cutest! Seriously, I can’t get over it lol  9 months old already.

Basically for this hair I just curled the whole thing with a 1 inch curling iron and away from my face. Then I did a half… well more like quarter of a braid then tied it off and left the ends loose and curly.

As far as the dress goes I tried to find something similar because I’ve had this dress a long time and I’m sure they don’t make it anymore and I could NOT find anything even close. I love the one shoulder and the length and the little hearts but seriously nothing like it in my browsing the internet for an hour.


So I found this cutie that you might like and that I totally need. And its blue! Click the picture for where to get it. or click here




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