Confessions of a #Fitchick With a Not So Fit Pregnancy

It’s difficult to get on Instagram these days and not find some hot bodied woman or dude. If you want to find some #fitspo for a nice booty, abs and lean bodies in bikini’s look no further than Instagram or Pinterest. But there’s a new somewhat controversial trend that’s making news feeds and hashtags and that’s a #fitpregnancy.

These women look freakin’ amazing and make pregnancy look glorious and beautiful. Some even have visible abs on their bump which is mind blowing to me. This isn’t without debate however, because people assume someone so thin can’t healthy because pregnant women are supposed to have big belly’s, and gain a bunch of weight, right?

Take Hannah Polites, she is rocking a great body with a small bump and has continued working out the entire time. In this photo she wrote “over 8 and a 1/2 months pregnant and feeling great…”


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            or Mickinli Hatch, whom I think looked fantastic during pregnancy and stayed fit. Although she said she struggled in the beginning to find energy to hit the gym.


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            I love that these women are showing other’s they can be fit and healthy while pregnant instead of the usually thought of eating for two on the couch, Nexflix and an abundance of ice cream.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was SO being one of these fit girls. I worked out 5-6 days a week, ate a pretty healthy diet and lived an active fit life for years so I figured I’d just continue my routine. The first few weeks were easy, and I thought this pregnancy thing was going to be a breeze. Then suddenly fatigue hit me like a kick to the gut. I felt like I could barely get out of bed and when I did I usually went straight to the couch to lay down. “Tired” became an understatement but surely this would pass, I thought. And it did after several weeks of napping and sleeping 10+ hours a day.

Around weeks 16-19 I felt a new sense of energy and I still didn’t have a “bump” that was noticeable to anyone but me and I hit the gym three times that week, lifting light weights and felt so much better about myself. I actually accomplished something!

week 19

(Headed to the gym in this photo.)

            See, for me and I’m sure many other women, it’s not just a physical change but a mental struggle. I guess you can call it a small bout of depression because I feel like someone else. No longer am I able to work or go for long walks every day, or lift weights, even making meals is sometimes a struggle to get motivation for sometimes. My body does NOT handle pregnancy well and you’ll see how in a moment.

I feel chubby and weak compared to what I once did. There are times where I lay in bed and literally stare at the ceiling just thinking about whatever passes my mind but having no desire to do ANYTHING, for hours. Yes hours.

But those week was good for me. I felt like ME again. Then things take a huge unexpected turn. And my aspirations of having a fit pregnancy haven’t panned out. I wouldn’t say a few weeks of going to the gym can count as a fit pregnancy.

One morning I woke up especially nauseous feeling weak and shaky, and then dizziness… this was new. I went to the bathroom thinking maybe I had to vomit and started sweating and felt like I was going to pass out. It’s a terrible sensation by the way. But after a few minutes this feeling went away and the rest of the day I felt crummy.

This started happening pretty much every day for a full week then Friday morning came around. Same symptoms but this time my vision went white as I sat on the edge of the bed and the next thing I know I’m waking up to my husband saying my name and I’m staring at the carpet laying on my side wondering how the hell I got there. I really did pass out this time. My ears rang and my husband Travis’s face said how he felt. He was scared. I felt so weak I could barely sit up. I laid there for several minutes and Travis brought me a drink and toast.

Doc says this is normal when I call and just to take it easy and drink lots of fluids. I do and later the same day, I start passing out again, we end up in the ER. They tell me what the other doc said, assured me the baby was fine and pumped me full of fluids and sent me on my way.

Another doctor tells me it’s a combination of low blood sugar and my uterus pressing on major blood vessels causing me to pass out. If I don’t sit the right way, I get sick. If I don’t sleep in the right position these feelings of nausea, sweating, light-headedness come on and quick and don’t leave nearly as fast. Standing too long… can bring this on as well.

28 weeks- the

(Little belly and eating cherries)

            So exercising and showing the world I’m one of those women who have a great pregnancy is the last thing I care about when off and on I feel bouts of fainting coming on. I WANTED to be one of these women.

But I’m here to say don’t feel bad because you don’t have the perfect fit pregnancy. It’s not easy for everyone. Every woman is different and experience different things. Maybe I’m writing this to convince myself to not feel bad because I thought this would be totally different for me. But in the end what matters is the precious little baby growing in my tummy. It matters that she’s healthy and strong!

At 24 weeks I gained 20lbs and at 30 I’m up to 27lbs. I eat ice cream when I feel like it but I’m not “eating for 2”. I’m being careful about how much I eat since I’m not able to workout or even go for walks most of the time. I’m scared to go anywhere by myself because suddenly I could get very weak.



(Don’t mind all the baby stuff piled up in the background but here’s the latest photo)

At 30 weeks now, if I walk too much I get cramps and my stomach hardens like a freakin’ rock. It doesn’t really hurt, I call it “extreme discomfort” and the only thing that helps is laying down. I feel like I’m on bed rest most of the time and it’s killing me because I want to be active. I WANT to go on hikes, and ride my bike and go to the gym with my husband and not feel so weak.  I’m hoping things get easier but not expecting much til my little Jaylee Jane is born. I love her. It’s worth it. It took 3 years for me to get pregnant and stay pregnant and I am grateful. But I tell my husband that she may be our only child. Perhaps in a few years I’ll forget these months of misery.

What have your pregnancy experiences been? Are you able to exercise? Struggling like me? Gaining more weight than you wanted? I’d love to hear from you.






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