Why You Are Skinny Fat (And How to Fix It)

Let’s say you workout and eat healthy but you’re still skinny fat. “Skinny fat” just sounds stupid to me but that’s what people are calling those who are skinny but have no muscle tone these days, and maybe a little extra flab.  I know there are a lot of women out there with 10-15 pounds they could shed and that’s usually the hardest spot to be in because it’s easier to lose weight when you have a lot to lose. I was at this point at one time.

Let’s take Britney Spears for example. She’s skinny in both photos but on the right she’s “skinny fat” and on the left she has muscle tone. There’s nothing wrong with either body but if you want to look more like Britney on the left, read on.


I’m writing this post because I realize that a lot of you are not technically over weight, but maybe you’re not where you want to be and can’t figure out why.

You can run, jog, and do lots of cardio and still look like this.

Take fat burners and weight loss pills…

You can “eat clean” and healthy…

and still look skinny fat.

However, once you learn how to train properly and eat right you can get a toned and lean body that you’ll love.

Here’s where you may be going wrong.
Possible problem: Metabolic slowdown.

It can be an issue for all you people on chronic diets and trying to cut calories or maybe you just don’t eat much and you wonder why you aren’t thin or as thin as you want to be.

The funny thing about cutting calories down is that initially it works. Anyone who cuts their calories is going to lose weight at first. Science has proved that calories in vs calories out is how anyone loses weight. There is no denying that. But when someone cuts their calories down from say 2000 to 1400 the first few weeks or months the pounds will come off but then all the sudden it stops.

Some call it “hitting a plateau”

but really the body has adjusted to the new amount of food and it knows that it doesn’t need to metabolize the food as quickly anymore so it doesn’t. Then when this dieter decides they want to start eating more food again, back to normal or even just a few hundred calories more, they immediately start seeing weight gain because the metabolism is running at a slower rate. So what does the dieter do?

Drop their calories even lower until they’re barely eating anything and their body isn’t where they want it to be. It’s a BS cycle that no one wants to be in. (This happened to me and I got so frustrated I wanted to cry… and I did!) I’ll talk about the solution here soon because my solution to losing weight is the same for most people.

Possible problem: Activity level

It could also be that you’re simply over eating or eating the wrong foods for your activity level.A lot of people spend a lot of time sitting on the couch or in an office chair. They spend most of their day sitting. A half hour workout and then sitting on your butt the rest of the day won’t burn much in the way of calories. And just walking sometimes doesn’t do enough to get the results you want. Although, I love walking and think that everyone should do this daily. To get lean and toned you need to build strength.

Possible problem: Eating the wrong kind of foods.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because a banana and a couple small donuts have close to the same amount of calories that your body processes it the same way. I mean, it does kind of. Every kind of carbohydrate or sugar eventually turns into glucose in the body. Period. But the nutrients are much different and your level of fullness and  satiety are not the same.
And if you haven’t figured it out by now I’m all about eating healthy.
Eating to be healthy and enough protein gets the body you want. Believe it.
So bananas over donuts. Daily donuts will keep you chubby, bananas won’t. Eat food for the nutrients and to fuel your body, and cut the bad stuff, at least, the majority of the time.


Lift heavy weights. Yes even if you’re a woman. Lifting the same 5-10lbs dumbbells every day won’t bring on changes. You NEED muscle to look toned. I have a program that will be coming out soon with a full program.

Eat Protein at every meal. Protein is essential in building muscle and also has a higher thermogenic effect on the body. Meaning that it takes more for your to burn it off than other foods.

Do minimal amounts of cardio. I know this is probably not what you’ve been told but if you’re doing hours of cardio all the time you’ll lose muscle and only be burning calories.

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is good cardio if you’re trying to build muscle. This would be running a sprint for 30 seconds, walking for 1 minute and then sprinting again, and so on for 15 or so minutes 2-3 days a week.

Stay active and walk 10,000 steps a day. This is called LISS (Low intensity steady state) cardio.

Do all these consistently and you’ll be getting toned and lean like…

Jamie Eason.




Nikki Blacketter

nikki blacketter










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Tight Tummy Workout


EVERYONE after a nice tight and toned tummy, right? It’s not easy to get but with proper nutrition and a good workout you can achieve it! I’ve put together an awesome tummy workout that I was doing (before pregnancy) and you want to do it, trust me!

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tight tummy bombshell workout


Here are the step by step instructions for this workout.

  1. Toe touch crunch- I’m not exactly touching my toes but reaching for them anyway one leg at a time. You’ll want to keep your core pulled in tight when reaching for those toes. Do 30 seconds on each leg, repeat 4 times!

single leg lift touch

2. Plank Walk- You’ll start in a standing position, slowly bend down, walk out to a full plank and then walk your hands back in and stand. Do this for 1 minute (as many as you can), and repeat 4 times.



3. Reverse Crunch- This is a great move for the lower belly pouch. Start laying on your back with your hands at your sides and feet on the ground. Slowly lift your legs up and straight into the air, using your core muscles and then lower back down. DO this for 1 minute ( as many as you can) repeat 4 times.

reverse crunch2

reverse crunch

4. Plank Push Up- Start lying on your tummy then push up from the ground into a plank, hold for a 3 count and slowly lower back down. This will work not only your core, but arms and back. DO this for 1 minute (as many times as you can) repeat 4 times!

plank push up1adv

plank push up2adv


This may be a difficult workout but it gets results! Push yourself, don’t just go through the motions, and remember it takes time to see changes! Never give up, and make working out and eating healthy your lifestyle not just a temporary thing.

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How Often Should You Eat To Lose Fat?

It pretty much seems like everyone has their opinion on this one. Most “fitness gurus” will tell you to eat 6 small meals a day. Or eat every 2 1/2 hours. A small portion of fitness people will tell you to try intermittent fasting by eating in a small window. This isn’t bad advice but it might not be the best advice for you. And honestly unless your portions are pretty small if you’re eating every 2 hours or 6 meals a day you might just gain fat because you’re over eating.  Or skipping meals and starving later on or early on can cause you to binge eat.

I did the “eat every 2 1/2 -3 hours” no matter if I was hungry or not, when I started researching to lose weight . I mean, this is what all the hot skinny chicks were doing so this must be what I should do too, I thought. It has its benefits because I was eating small snacks like an apple and string cheese or a small salad. A piece of fruit and oatmeal for breakfast. These are all good things and as long as the food you’re eating is a small amount and relatively low in calories you’ll be A OK.

However, when I got into the best shape I’ve ever been in, that’s not what I was doing. (Excuse the blurry photo 😉  It looked much better on my phone)

janie kearl

Instead I ate ( and still eat) ONLY WHEN I AM ACTUALLY HUNGRY… Its nature’s way of overall portion control.  I know you’re going to think this is crazy but you don’t have to eat every two hours to keep your metabolism going contrary to a lot of popular diets. If you’re not hungry then you don’t need to eat. Your body knows what it’s doing. It regulates everything from temperature to heart rate, to bowel movements, sleep schedule, and so on, and you don’t have to think about it. It just does it. In this same way your body knows when it needs more fuel aka food, makes sense right?

Like I said, I used to think I had to eat six small meals but that’s not really true. Only if you’re hungry and unless these meals are super small you won’t be.  I usually eat three moderately sized meals and one snack maybe two if I’m real hungry  from working out (something like an apple and peanut butter or protein shake) between lunch and dinner. At times I may only eat 3 meals because it’s all based on how hungry I am. Or maybe I’m eating 3 snacks and 3 meals. Just depends.

Another thing you need to do is stop before you’re too full. You know that uncomfortable feeling we’ve all had when you eaten way too much food— you pretty much never want to get that way. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being you’re starving and will eat anything placed in front of you and 10 being you ate so much you want to throw up─ you want to sit at about a 7 after each meal. You want to eat to the point of where you are satisfied and no longer feel hungry but you could eat more if you wanted. That’s the sweet spot. Stop there, again your body knows how much you should be eating. In order to do this you need to slow down. It takes about twenty minutes for the body to register that it’s full or close to it. So set your fork down between bites. Take a few breaths. Drink some water. Don’t eat distracted (think watching t.v.)

Don’t scarf your food down like your inner chubby girl wants….  I’m a fast eater myself so I have to make a mindful effort to slow down or I can end up overeating.

 Over eating causes an imbalance in your hormones, most importantly the hormones leptin and grehnlin which control hunger. “Leptin functions as a feedback mechanism that signals to key regulatory centers in the brain to inhibit food intake and to regulate body weight and energy homeostasis.” Also, “The development of leptin resistance most likely involves a period of over-eating, resulting in the leptin system getting so disturbed that it leads to sustained defects. Over-eating results in an increase in circulating leptin levels.” (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1467-789X.2006.00270.x/full)

So to put it frankly, overeating leads to impaired leptin and grehnlin in the body and causes you to feel hungry or want to eat even when you your body doesn’t need the fuel, which causes more over eating and therefore obesity. To get your leptin levels normal you need to only eat when you are actually hungry, not because you “feel” like eating, or you’re bored, or because everyone else is eating. Stop mindless eating and watch your portion intake on foods.

Take a way’s>>>

• You’re body knows what it’s doing, listen to it and eat only when you’re hungry
• Stop at a fullness of  7
• Overeating causes leptin resistance
• Eat slowly
• Don’t eat distracted
• Eat smaller portions


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Total Body Tone Up

It’s time for another workout! This one will get your heart pumping and tone up and work your whole body! It isn’t going to be easy but you’re up for a challenge right? Challenging your body changes your body! You want to look good and toned, you better work girl!

You’ll need a light weight for one of the workouts. I use a 10 lbs dumbbell. Save this workout to your phone along with the others and you’ll have a great workout all week long!


  1. Push Up Get Ups! Its exactly like it sounds. Do a push up.( I do as many as I can on my toes then switch to my knees) then hop to your feet and hold a squat for a three count and drop back down shooting your feet back. Do as many as you can in 1 minute.

pushup get up

pushup get up2


2. Wood Chops- grab a weight and get to chopping! You’ll start with the dumbbell by one foot in a squat and swing the weight up passed your head on the opposite side of your body. DO as many as you can in 30 seconds then switch sides.

wood chops1

wood chops2

3.  Squat with a Side Knee Raise- Just like it sounds squat and raise your knee to the side. Do as many as you can in 30 seconds then switch sides.

squat to side leg lift

squat to side knee raise

4. Half Burpee- Start in a plank position and shoot your feet in up by your shoulders and then drive both feet back into a plank position. DO this for 1 minute!

half burpee1

half burpee2

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total body workout @thebombshellinitiative

Enjoy your workout ladies. Look under the Fitness Tab for more free workouts.



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The Real Reason You Aren’t Losing Weight

If we look back, oh, a hundred years, give or take, people didn’t even know what calories were let alone how to count them and yet obesity and our population being overweight only happened fifty or so years ago when counting calories, eating low fat foods or low carbohydrates or no gluten and so on became the all the rage. Why is that? I mean you have to wonder, right?  With all these wonderful diet’s out there that “Work” why are more than 65% of American’s overweight?

Well after watching the way people eat and going over someone’s meals for the day because they tell me they can’t lose weight and when I’ve asked about daily activity, as well as personal experience from when I was heavier. I’ve come up with an answer.  Here is why you are not losing weight 98% of the time. (if there’s a medical problem, it could be different).

The over eating of processed foods. Some people call me “a health nut” but humans for thousands of years only ate what they could grow, hunt, or gather, am i right?

not losing weight quote by thebombshellinitiative

They didn’t eat foods out of a box with chemicals they can’t pronounce listed in the ingredients like so many of us do now.

They also moved a lot more because they had to in order to survive. Now, many of us sit in front of our T.V.’s and computers or stare at our phones more than half the day rather than working outside and growing our own food.

We run to the fast food joint down the road for a quick meal which most times is loaded with trans fat, sodium and sugar, a bad combo. We eat at restaurants where the portion sizes are out of control! We began eating food out of the box and packages with preservatives and added chemicals. Treats became an everyday, all day, occurrence rather than sparingly which is how they’re meant to be eaten. It’s not considered a treat anymore if you eat it all the time.

This is how the obesity epidemic happened. It’s not simply because of carbohydrates or fats or sugar; (well, it is when these are over-consumed together) it’s processed, unnatural food with chemicals that make us want to eat more and highly rewarding foods that are like a kick to the taste buds, also making us want to eat more and more, and sitting on our asses.

Then there’s this. A HUGE part of it is how you think about at your weight loss journey. I’m completely convinced that losing weight and getting in shape is all in the mind.

all in the mind quote- thebombshellinitiative

I mean, if you REALLY, and I mean REALLY want to get fit you’ll find a way. You can find anything you need to lose weight for free on the internet. It just takes a little research.

A person who’s really ready to finally lose the pounds will NOT do the following.

>>You’re NOT going to start eating healthy only to give up after 2 weeks and go back to your old ways.

>>You WILL NOT start working out and quit after a few days because you’re too sore.

>>You WON’T quit in the middle of a workout because it’s too hard. (waaahhh cry baby)

>>You’re NOT going to make excuses as to why you deserve to eat three or four cookies. (One is sufficient. Same goes for cake, brownies, ice cream soda etc.)

>>You’re NOT going to find reasons why you cant get a workout in or go for a walk.

No, that’s not what a person who’s truly changed  and made up their mind does.

>>A person who’s in the mindset that enough is enough will get out and walk every day no matter what. Shit, I’ve even walked my 10,000 steps in my house because it was too cold outside.

Here’s what you will do.

>>You WILL skip the desert after dinner. (most of the time)

>>You WILL eat smaller portions.

>>You WILL make time to be active.

>>You WILL push yourself through a tough workout and stop being a sissy.

>>You WILL eat until you’re satisfied not stuffed

>>You WILL eat only when hungry.

>>You WILL stop eating fast food.

>>You WILL eat healthy foods.

>>You WILL stop drinking sugary drinks.

>>You WILL get stronger willpower and drive to succeed each day.

>>You WILL believe in yourself

Being fit and healthy WILL become part of your life.

These are things things that you will do.

When it comes down to someone who’s fit and someone who’s obese it’s a difference between food choices, food amount and activity level. That’s about it. It’s not really that difficult.

What’s hard is getting you’re mind right. Everyone knows that they shouldn’t eat burgers and fries and ice cream every day if they want to lose weight. They know that eating a chicken salad for dinner is a better choice. Yet, most will choose wrongly.

Why? Because the mind/body is wired to crave the combination of fats, carbs and sugar. Here’s why is it so hard to stop eating a donuts but not carrots.  And the more you feed your body that the more you want it. I’m not saying to outlaw all your favorite foods because that’s NOT a good place to be and won’t last but 80% of the time you should be eating the salad with chicken or the rice and salmon not the burger and fries or nachos.

You catching what I’m throwing out there, yet? It’s all up to you! If I can go from junk food junkie at 50lbs over weight and become a health nut/ fit chick, anyone can! YOU can.


before&after janie kearl

If I can go from a size 15/16 to 4/6 so can you.

janie hannan kearl

All I hope to do is inspire someone to live a healthier, happier active life. Believe in yourself, don’t get down when it’s hard, give yourself time to change and you will succeed! But most importantly, love yourself  and your body enough to make a change!




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