New Balayage Hair

I was tired of having ALL blonde hair. I know most girls want to be blonde. That was me in high school but then I went super dark a few years back and was like, wo I look so much better with darker hair! I was platinum blonde for a long time. But its more maintenance touching up my roots so often because my natural is a light ashy blonde in case you’re curious. But I feel like the all blonde washes me out and my green/blue eyes stand out more when I have dark in my hair. I’ve been wanting to do this balayage style for awhile because I think it’s so pretty!

I know everyone’s doing it but hey, there’s a reason! Basically with my hair she did a reverse, instead of painting the blonde on the ends she painted the dark at the roots. She didn’t touch my blonde only added dark and I love it!balayage

balayage- balayage



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Drinks & New Things to Try

drinks & things-

I’m always on the look out for new healthy drinks to try. I don’t drink soda, or anything with artificial sweeteners and I don’t like to drink my calories either.

healthy drinks-

I LOVE the NUUN Active tablets. It slightly bubbly and has electrolytes and vitamins, so it’s like a sugar free version of Gatorade. Definitely worth a try. It also gives a nice natural energy boost!

I haven’t tried the Aquafina sparkling water yet, but I’ll let you know if I like it.

I’m also excited to try the True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade.  I really enjoy raspberry lemonade but it’s full of sugar so this all natural sweetener, with 0 sugar is appealing to me.

The cute little cup I found in the bargain area, you know the place right when you walk in Target, for $3.

citrus candle-


Also found in the Bargain area was this divine smelling candle, also $3. Candles are usually so expensive so I was happy to snag this one up.

Then the last thing worth mentioning is the Hair, Skin & Nails gummies I bought. My hair grows incredibly slow and my step-mom swears by this brand of gummies. I guess you can’t really see in the photo but the brand is Nature’s Bounty in the large pink bottle. My step mom’s hair grows at like 3x the rate of mine (yes even though I’m pregnant. The prego hormones haven’t seemed to help at all) and hers is long and pretty. Mine seriously grows like a half inch every 3-4 months, no joke. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping these help! They’re packed with Biotin and they taste good so I know I won’t be forgetting to take them haha.


That’s it for the bargain shopping and new drinks to try. Who else gets sucked into the bargain area at Target? I never leave that place without grabbing at least one thing!



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Face Oil Mixture For Dry Skin


Face Oil-

My skin is incredibly dry. Like the Mojave Desert in July. And if you haven’t seen it or been there well here’s a visual>>>>>mojave cracked earth

People think I joke but seriously this is how it feels, and its itchy, and flaky. I’ve tried pretty much every lotion and cream I can find and nothing works for lasting results. Sure they all work initially and provide some relief for a few minutes or maybe half the day, if it’s really greasy but in the end they all fail!

Especially since I’ve been pregnant. My face has been especially flaky and tight. That pregnancy glow is laughable in my case.

I figured since no lotion that I’ve found has worked over the years I’d take a different approach. I mean SOMETHING has to give! If you read the label of pretty much every lotion, the first ingredient is WATER. And water may help a thirsty desert but NOT skin. It dries it out even more which is why (don’t get all grossed out) I don’t shower every day. My skin cannot handle it. I usually shower on the third day. I know, eeewwww, right? Well if your skin feels like mine you won’t either, trust me.

So I switched to ONLY using oils on my face for the last 10 days. The first few were rough. My skin was still peely, tight, looked wrinkly from the tightness (I’m 29 and don’t really have any real wrinkles yet) and had extra dry patches. I almost reached for the creams but resisted because I’m determined to give this a go for at least 30 days.

But then a miracle happened. After a few days, no more flakes. My skin looks much better and doesn’t feel like my cheeks are going to crack when I smile! Plus I’ve noticed my skin looks more plump. Bye Bye dry skin wrinkles!

I made my own concoction and here is what I’ve been using THREE times a day. No, I have not been using any foundation. My skin was so dry it was looking terrible so I’m giving it a rest for awhile. If you must wear foundation then I’d put this oil on in the morning and at night.

Coconut Oil. Its all the rage these days and for good reason, but alone it wasn’t quite enough for me.


(photo source:

Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamin E– this stuff is awesome!

almond oil

(photo source:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil– Very soothing to the skin.


(photo source:

I mixed these three equally (coconut oil melted) and put in a small plastic container.

I also used just a touch of my stretch mark belly oil which has Safflower, Grapeseed, jojoba, Sesame, Sunflower oil and vitamin E.  It also smells like lavender and vanilla. I only added a few drops of this so it’s probably not necessary. But just in case you’re wondering it’s called Body Boost

body boost

(photo source:

Take the 10 day oil challenge and see if it makes a difference! And don’t give up the first few days because it gets worse before it gets better, BUT it does get better. My face actually looks and feels fantastic, and I’m looking forward to it getting better in the next few weeks. Even the redness of my cheeks is starting to be tamed for a more even complexion. I’m working on using only oils on my body but not there yet. Its harder with clothes to put it on several times a day but I’ve been using coconut oil on my whole body.

I’ve heard that if you have acne problems that using oils actually helps even though you’d think it does the opposite, however, with that said, I don’t usually get zits so I don’t know from experience.

Let me know if you’ll take the oil challenge in the comments!



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5 Simple Half Up Half Down Hairstyles You’ll Love

I’m obsessed with long hair, but i also have a slight problem of changing my hair color often which damages the crap out of it. I’m currently growing my hair out from above my shoulder to now a couple inches below my shoulders but I’m dreaming and waiting for the day my hair is at least mid back once again.

I wear clip in hair extensions on occasion but as of late i just don’t feel like wearing them. I’m debating on getting micro bead extensions some time here soon but it’s still up for debate since i have a baby due in October and I have lots of things to buy. Making my hair longer for a few hundred bucks isn’t exactly a priority.

But day dreaming about long hair is what has inspired this post today… long pretty hair!


  1. Cara Loren is one of my fav bloggers! And she has amazing hair. This hairstyle is so cute and easy to do.

cara loren-half up



2. I don’t know who this is but i LOVE the braid. It just adds a little something different to the every day bunhalf down braid bun



3. Another braid. Loosely done on the top of the head and pulled into a bun. So cute.

half up braid



4. Easy bun with loose curls. half up bun



5. I just like the way Hilary Duff’s hair is pulled out of her face but still has volume. I’m a lover of big hair!half up poof


I suppose you don’t have to have really long hair to pull this styles off. I’ll try some myself and do a post and we can see what they look like on medium length hair. Although, I’ll warn you it could be a minute. Being 7 months pregnant doesn’t have me motivated to actually do my hair often. I’ve been very sick throughout my pregnancy.

Anyway, I hope you try these styles out and if you do tag me in the pictures!













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