Before You Get Eyelash Extensions, You Must Read This


For years I watched so many friends, family and pretty girls on social media get eyelash extensions done and for years I considered it but it wasn’t until about a month and a half ago that I finally decided to get my own done. I was hesitant for a lot of reasons which I’ll be naming below. But let’s get into the details, and pros and cons about eyelash extensions.

There are different styles of lashes. Classic, volume and a mix are what most choose to have done.

  • Volume is multiple lashes glues to one lash and gives a fuller lash look.
  • Classic is one single lash glued to each individual lash. And sometimes girls will choose a mixture of both.
  • Volume lashes are heavier and have a potential to cause your natural lashes to fall out if your natural lashes aren’t strong enough to hold the weight.
  • Its recommended that a person starts with Classic and adds volume at a later appointment if desired.

Volume, left. Classic, right.

There are also different styles of application as well. I personally like the cat eye where the lashes gradually get longer toward the outer corner of the eye.

You want to make sure you’re getting your lashes done by someone who is licensed to do so. This is your eyes we’re talking about and you don’t want damage done. It’s also good to see pictures of the work the lash technician has done or ask girls who’ve had theirs done by this person and how they like them.


A good set of first lashes is going to run you anywhere from $80-150 maybe more depending where you live. And half that for a fill. Mine cost $80 for classic and $40 a fill plus a tip.  If it’s less than this BEWARE. The person may not know what they are doing! I’m not saying it’s a total NO, I’m just saying to be cautious. You usually get what you pay for!


You’ll need to get a fill usually between 2-4 weeks depending on who does them and how you take care of them. My lashes last me 4 weeks and still look good. They’re obviously just not as full by week 4.

It takes about 2 1/2 hours for the first appointment and 1 hour for a fill.

You’ll need to wash your extensions but keep oils away from your eyes. I usually just run water through my eyelashes in the shower at least every few days more if you wear eye makeup, but some people actually wash their lashes with a cleaning solution.


You run the risk of having an allergic reaction to the glue with extensions. GET A PATCH TEST DONE! if the eyelash technician doesn’t offer one, ask for it! No one wants red, swollen puffy eyes.

You also risk a BAAAAAD lash job, which is why I tell you to ask around or see the work.

The final look

Here are my lashes a week after a fill. Yes, i know one side looks longer but it’s just my eyes. She uses the same lashes for each side. Since i got lashes done I’ve noticed i have a bit of a lazy eye.

A few days after my first appointment and in better lighting than the above picture 🙂

Here is a before and after of a random girl


  • They make your eyes POP
  • You don’t have to worry about mascara
  • They’re longer and fuller than your natural lashes will ever be
  • You wake up looking fabulous!
  • You don’t have to deal with strip, glue on lashes to complete your look


  • The initial and monthly cost
  • Eyelashes can turn so they need to be combed
  • The time it takes each month
  • Natural eyelashes can be damaged
  • Can have a allergic reaction
  • Can have a bad lash job from an inexperienced/bad technician.

I recommend lashes for anyone who wants to spend less time getting ready and wake up looking good! and if you want them for LONG term.

I DON’T recommend lashes if you only want them for a single event like a wedding. Strip lashes look amazing and you can get a makeup artist to do that for you. They’re way cheaper and can be removed the same day easily.

and if you’re allergic to the glue, obviously don’t get eyelash extensions.

Here’s a few final care tips recommended by an eyelash technician.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. And in case you’re wondering, I am not licensed to do eyelash extensions.

>>>>>What has been your experience with lash extensions? let me know



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Curls and Braids and 4th of July Dress

I’m actually not that great at hair styles but I love how simple this is! Here’s a few pictures  of the little photoshoot we did. And wouldn’t this dress be perfect for the 4th of July? Thrown on some red lipstick and boom!


Okay isn’t my baby Jaylee the cutest! Seriously, I can’t get over it lol  9 months old already.

Basically for this hair I just curled the whole thing with a 1 inch curling iron and away from my face. Then I did a half… well more like quarter of a braid then tied it off and left the ends loose and curly.

As far as the dress goes I tried to find something similar because I’ve had this dress a long time and I’m sure they don’t make it anymore and I could NOT find anything even close. I love the one shoulder and the length and the little hearts but seriously nothing like it in my browsing the internet for an hour.


So I found this cutie that you might like and that I totally need. And its blue! Click the picture for where to get it. or click here




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The Best Sunless Tanning Solutions

Most of us ladies think that tan skin just looks better on us but tanning beds are bad for the skin and once fall and winter hit, the summer tan fades. Hence why they invented sunless tanning solutions.

My favorite way to get tan is spray tan. I actually bought spray tan machine on ebay for about $130 a couple years ago because spending $30-60 on a single spray tan was just unrealistic. I doubt they have the model I use now because it’s old but simply type “spray tanning system” in ebay search and a ton will pop up.

Now for the solutions that actually look good, not orange or fake. I’ve tried several and now days most are pretty good, and don’t leave you looking orange. I personally like the brown/bronze color rather than a greenish or purple tint (if you’ve ever looked at spray tan solution you’ll know what I’m talking about)

So my favorite solution for the spray machine is Norvell Organic Dark. You can get it off Amazon for $17.49 here>>>>
Norvell Organic Dark Premium Sunless Solution – 8oz



It’s by far the best color I’ve tried and lasts for a solid week.

Now if you don’t want to invest in a spray machine there’s lotions and mousse that are easy to apply.

I happen to like Tanwise Dark Bronzing Mousse in Ultra Dark. It’s not too dark trust me and it goes on smooth and streak free. I use disposable rubber gloves to apply because you don’t want your palms orange or super dark.  You can get yours here >>> Tanwise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse,7 fl. oz.

You’ll be tan for a couple days. It doesn’t last as long as a spray tan but you can reapply it often easily.


For the face.

I’m picky about tanning stuff on my face. A lot of what I have used in the past has left my face patchy and uneven. Mostly because my skin is very dry especially on my face.

However, I really like FakeBake’s The Face lotion. As with all tanning solutions make sure to exfoliate first to remove any dead flaky skin and then apply. Since my skin is so dry I always have to put lotion on first but I wait a few hours before applying any tanning solutions so the lotion has time to soak into my skin and doesn’t act as a barrier.

You can order yours off Amazon here>>> Fake Bake Face Self-Tanning Lotion, 2-Ounces


I just want to let you know that if you order from any of these links I get a small percentage! It helps this mama out a lot. I also don’t recommend products that I don’t use or like so no worries there. This is really the best tanning stuff I’ve used.

If you have a fav tanning product post in the comments so I can give it a try and review!



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Le Smokey Eye | Urban Decay Palette


Dark smokey eye makeup used to be like my everyday go-to. Now days I hardly put on mascara on a regular basis. Probably because if I actually go anywhere to its to the grocery store or the gym and ain’t nobody got time to get glammed up for that.

I don’t have a super precise hand when it comes to makeup. I’m not a makeup artist and I don’t like to spend a ton of time doing my eye shadow. And I probably should have put some liquid liner on the top lash line buuuut I didn’t. Maybe another time. I wanted to show you this look because I love these colors and these huge lashes.

Smokey eye urban decay


These are the lashes I used. Glamour  113 by Ardell. You can get a 4 pack on Amazon for only $10.87 which is a freakin’ good deal because they’re usually $4-5 for a single set. Click the link to get yours>>> Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair – 113 (Pack of 4)

I also used black eyelash glue. It’s so much better than the white. You can get that here >>>Duo Lash Adhesive, Dark, 0.25 Ounce

glamour false lashes

You can get the Naked Smokey Palette at Sephora or Ulta.

naked smokey eye palette

naked smokey eye palette

For this look I used the shade Password, all over my eyelid and up in the crease and brow bone.

The I used Armor just on the lid.

Then I used Smolder on the outer corner and along the crease and along the bottom lash line.

Next you want to make sure you blend well with the fluffy brush.

I added black eyeliner to my upper eyelash line. BELOW the lashes (maybe this is called the waterline? or is that only the bottom?)

Urban decay smokey palette Urban decay smokey palette



Hope you try the smokey eye out! Its more of a night makeup since it heavy and dark, perfect for a date night!


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The Best Makeup Sponge For Your Money | Vmagic

bombshell-love the best beauty sponge for your money according to The Bombshell Initiative

So I’m loving this makeup sponge! It better than my kabuki brush, and any other sponge I’ve used and it’s $8.98 instead of $20 like the Beauty Blender. I got the Vmagic sponge on and you can go here to get it >>>>

VMAGIC Premium Ultra Soft Makeup Sponges Foundation Sponge – Rose Red

It’s definitely worth a try! It makes my foundation go on much smoother and doesn’t let makeup cake or sink into creases, which makes foundation look terrible by the way. We bombshell’s want smoooooth flawless looking skin, right?

Vmagic makeup sponge! Best makeup sponge for your money according to The Bombshell Initiative blog

I like to get the sponge wet first because it helps the foundation to go on more dewy and I love the dewy look on myself. Like glamorous, Victoria Secret model makeup! If you like a more matte look then keep it dry, although it takes more product because it doesn’t seem to spread as easy.

Vmagic makeup sponge! Best makeup sponge for your money according to The Bombshell Initiative blog

I personally put the foundation on my face first then dab it into my skin. I don’t swipe or pull or drag the sponge. DAB, DAB, DAB. You’ll have much better coverage this way.

This isn’t a sponsored post, but I do get a percentage from Amazon if you buy from my link. You can go here to get it! I obviously got the black one but you can get the pink too!
VMAGIC Premium Ultra Soft Makeup Sponges Foundation Sponge – Rose Red

What’s your favorite makeup sponge? Drop me a comment so I can try it!


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