Cardio: No Treadmill Necessary

I’m definitly not the girl you’ll see at the gym jogging on the treadmill for a half hour. I hate the monotony of it. Sure, I’ll run a quick mile but much more than that and my brain can’t handle it! It’s not that I hate cardio, it’s that I get bored on a cardio machine and I just think; Why am I doing this? … I can’t breathe… just hit the stop button… okay, I’m done…

And I KNOW that I’m can’t be the only one so here is a great cardio/body toning working for you that you could do anywhere! No equipment necessary.


Do each exercise for 1 minute rest 30 seconds or so move onto the next until all 4 are complete. Rest 2 minutes and then repeat 3 times!

cardio-party bombshell workout

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