Booty Building Workout

Building a nice round booty is the goal these days. No more flat bums for ladies wanting to get in shape! It took me almost a year to actually get some size on my behind and these are some of the lifts I did. One thing you NEED to get through your head women is that lifting weights won’t make you bulky. Also, if you want to build any size to your booty you need to add weights. Just doing body weight squats or something of the like doesn’t cut it. I did that for a long time and had NO butt.

Without further chit chat lets get into the workout!

  1. Hip Thrusters- probably one of the best things you can do to add size, tone and shape your butt. Start with a weight you’re comfortable doing and do a warm up set about 15-20 reps. Then do 3 more sets of 10-12. With that said, DO NOT lift just for a number. This needs to be difficult if you want to see change. If you’re doing 12 reps and it’s a breeze add more weight to the bar or do more reps.


hip thrusters

hip thruster

2. The Deadlift- Another essential move. This builds more than just strong legs and butt, add an overall strong body to the list. Here you start in a squat position, keep your back straight and core held in tight and lift with your legs. Don’t over extend at the top, just squeeze your butt. Same reps and sets as above. Warm up 15-20, 3 more sets of 10-12.





3. 1 Leg Deadlift- This one isolates the glutes. Start in a standing position, bend at the hips, and lift one leg off the ground, focusing on keeping the back of your standing leg strong. You can have your leg straight or slightly bent. I’m more comfortable with my leg bent. (need to work more on my flexibility). Same reps and sets.


single leg deadlift1

single leg deadlift2


4. Side Lunge- This works the outside of the booty and leg! With dumbbells to hold in each hand and step to the side holding the weights on either side of your ankle. Same sets and reps apply.


side lunge1

side lunge2

The best advice I can give when it comes to exercise, seeing results and building the body you want is if it doesn’t challenge you it wont change you. Exercise isn’t supposed to be easy. Don’t whine and cry about results you don’t get if you aren’t trying hard. It takes discipline and mental toughness to power through your workout and to stick with it but you can do it!




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