Hi Bombshell

So You Want Hot Bod...

And isn't it time you got the body you've always wanted?

For real

Isn't it time you finally focused on YOU?!

Clean eating they say... nah, I say

low carb?.... BOO!

Cardio for hours a day?... uh that's a negative, ghostrider

It's funny how these are the recommendations we most often get but most are bigger than


Obviously we've been lied to

If you want to lose the extra bulge and get fit FOREVER, it's a lifestyle change you need sister!

This is your only life

You get ONE SHOT so why are you spending it lookin in the mirror and NOT happy with what you see?

Honestly, if you’re just wanting another LOW-PRICED training guide OR quick fix, impossible to stick to diet to try for a week and then quit on, we might not be the best fit.

If you’re looking for the cheapest deal, you might not value what I want to give you. And that’s okay because you deserve a trainer that’s exactly what you want and need!

I want to be the coach/trainer that CHANGES YOUR LIFE, to be the girl who finally gets you the results you’ve been trying for but falling short of.

I want to be someone you can turn to for advice and you know it’s TRUE AND HONEST.

I want to help get you the Bombshell Body you’re after so you FEEL SEXY again.

I know the mom tummy sucks and that the 50lbs you gained from pregnancy doesn’t just fall off because you’re breast feeding or chasing the kids around (amiright).

I know you’re tired and you’ve put yourself on the back burner because you put your family, or work or even the stresses of life first, and you’re a wonderful person because of it.

But you do NEED to take care of yourself in order to better take care of those you love.

You NEED some “ME” time.

And in truth, you’ve got to be okay with getting angry sometimes because the results aren’t coming as fast as you want.

Yet, I want you to celebrate with me when you accomplish your goals and give yourself respect and love!

You’ve got to get rid of the scale and focus on how you feel and I recommend progress pictures.

You’ve got to decide that you will commit to this Bombshell Body Academy, go all in, take my advice and not get pulled into another fad diet that Sharon’s friends dad lost sixty pounds on.

Take it from someone (me) who has lost 90lbs. 50 from my first weight loss journey and then 40 from the pregnancy weight I gained.

I've been through the struggles and I know what it takes.

If you’re ready to not only TRANSFORM your body but your life then LET'S DO IT. Together.

My recent 6 month transformation after pregnancy

Client Testimonials

Michelle C. 5 Week Progress and Review

"I love all of the tools available with this program. The workouts have demos which make it easy to see exactly how they are to be done. The workouts are challenging & I feel so much better after them. The gym is kind of intimidating, but the workouts make it so much easier. I don't feel like I'm on a diet as I find myself making smarter choices. So far I have lost 16 lbs in 5 weeks and look forward to the future. My family has noticed that I have more energy in the afternoon and evenings. I used to be completely drained after a 8 hr work day, but now I have lots of energy. I could not have done this without Janie, the support group, & of course my family."

Meghan P. 4 Week Progress & Review

"As a veteran gym goer, I find The Bombshell Academy ideal for women looking for a workout guide to build muscle and live a healthy lifestyle. As with any workout program, the effort you put in will equal the results. I have trained for body building before I got pregnant and it was a lot of work and deprivation of foods that I liked. Now that I don’t want to compete, have less time with the little one, and have a completely different body I'm working with, I needed a plan that wasn’t as intense but still possessed the important fundamentals of eating healthy and getting lean. The Bombshell Academy gives a nice balance for someone who is familiar with lifting, enjoys pushing themselves, and will be fully dedicated. Some qualities I like about the program:
• 4 days at the gym vs 5 or 7 . As a mom, it’s difficult to make time. 4 days is manageable.
• Day by day videos are short and include only what you will be doing that workout. Of which I really like because I can have the video playing during my lift session and simply pause it after I watch proper form. Much easier than googling each workout separately since most of those videos include a lot of dialogue.
• Facebook group helps with accountability, allowing me to share quotes, foods, opinions, and progress
• Program check ins are every 4 weeks with measurements and photos. A great way to document and visually see progress
• Program sheets are cute and the site includes resources full of tips. "

Brittany O. 4 Week Progress and Review

"The Bombshell Body Program has been so awesome! I love doing the workouts and everything is explained so well in the nutrition. My stomach has already shrunk and I'm getting toned! I also have so much more energy again! Working this into my routine has made me more productive as well and I feel so good about myself. Thanks Janie"

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