Bombshell Spotlight: Kimie Shrum

It’s BOMBSHELL Spotlight Friday! The day I post an interview of a Bombshell of a woman, one that you NEED to know about and most definitely follow for inspiration. The beautiful Kimberly Shrum aka Kimie runs a fashion blog and has a the cutest pictures on Instagram. You’ll want to check her out for sure!

kimberly shrum

kimie shrum


Janie: You have a master’s degree from Vanderbilt, a good job and run a fashion blog which is amazing! Give us your story on these three things. Like what’s your degree in, where do you work, and what got you into blogging?

Kimie: I got my undergrad in business at the University of Arkansas and I was lucky enough to do marketing campaigns for Walmart for five years. After being around so many brilliant, amazing leaders, I decided I wanted to further my education so I went to Vanderbilt where I got my MBA (master of business administration). That landed me in Dallas where I currently live and work for a “large telcom”… Again, I’m fortunate to be surrounded by some really amazing and strong female leaders who are making a name for themselves in the business world. I’m totally soaking it up and just trying to become a better leader every day. The blog is something I do totally in my spare time. I have always had an eye for fashion and beauty (check out the thing most people don’t know about me below!) so the blog is a fun way for me to express that creativity that sometimes gets stifled in the office environment. I just started doing it last fall and it has grown incredibly fast!

Janie: Where do you live?

Kimie: I currently live in Dallas. I lived in Nashville, TN before moving here and I have to say that might be my favorite place I have ever lived.

Janie: Married, single, taken?

Kimie: Taken by an amazing guy named Michael. He is actually the person who suggested that I start blogging!

Janie: Any children?

Kimie: Just a little fur baby – my lhasa poo Kikka

Janie: Is there a motivational mantra or quote you love?

Kimie: I don’t know that this is motivational, but my favorite quote from recent literature is from Paper Towns by John Green. “And it occurred to me that the voracious ambition of humans is never sated by dreams coming true, because there is always the thought that everything might be done better and again.” As an introspective person, this line really spoke to me and I remember it when I’m feeling like the things I’m doing aren’t enough – ambition is great, but I think there is something to be said for enjoying your successes – especially in a day in age where everything we do seems to pale in comparison to what others are portraying their lives to be on social media. (Hey, my Instagram is full of professional photos! What you see isn’t always reality!)

Janie: Anytime you reach a certain level of success there are haters. How do you handle any negative feedback, comments?

Kimie: To be honest, I was really excited the first time I got negative comments on my Instagram! At that moment, I felt like people were engaged and paying attention to what I was doing. I know that you can’t please everyone, but I do try to take the negative constructively and see if there is any way that I can help that person.

Janie: Who are your inspirations? Give us two or three, and why.

Kimie: My mother for her ability to love and support, Ashley Graham for body confidence, and the Notorious RBG for how she has stood up for and paved the way for women!

Janie: Besides the fashion what are your hobbies? Things you love to do and enjoy?

Kimie: Well… shopping is probably my most loved hobby! But I really enjoying taking long walks with my pup and traveling with my boyfriend. We’ve been all over the world together – experiencing new cultures and seeing beautiful places together is a great bonding experience.

Janie: What are some future goals of yours?

Kimie: I would love for my blog to be my full time job!

Janie: What are you most grateful for?

Kimie: My family. I was so blessed in that arena!

Janie: People are often criticized for only showing the “good” things in their life on social media. So let’s relate to the readers for a second. What is something you struggle with?

Kimie: I have always struggled with my weight. I can remember being a kid and not eating certain things because I thought they were making me fat – and I’ve had some pretty hateful things said to me about my weight that really tore down my self-esteem. I know that so many women struggle in this area, and I have even told my photographer to please not photoshop my cellulite out! Yes the photos have great lighting and angles, but it’s important to me as someone who has to work daily on her self-esteem that I not put out unrealistic images that make others feel poorly about themselves.

Janie: Everyone loves good food. What is your favorite treat?

Kimie: Affogato. It’s a shot of espresso with gelato. There is an adorable place near my apartment that reminds me of Italy. They have authentic Italian coffee and crazy good caramel gelato. I go there every day! But I usually have a caprese salad and coffee. The affogato is for cheat days only!

Janie: What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Kimie: I went to beauty school…. And I dropped out!

Janie: If you could give one piece of advice to the readers, what would it be?

Kimie: If you love it, wear it!

Janie: Where can the readers find you? Whats your website and other social media?

Kimie: Follow me on Instagram @kimiewantsdior and check out my blog

kimie shrum

kimie shrum


That’s the end of the interview. Kimie is smart, gorgeous and sweet! Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog for fashion tips and inspiration!




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