Bombshell Spotlight: Jenn Loyd


It’s Bombshell Friday again! And this week we have Personal Stylist Jenn Loyd, who specializes in body type styling. She knows what types of clothes look best on your body type, and you NEED to check out for some tips!

jenn loyd

Janie: So you’re not just a fashion blogger but a stylist for clients, what
got you started with that?

Jenn: That’s right, I am a Personal Stylist.  I’ve always loved fashion
and helping friends pick out outfits.  I decided to make it my full
time gig after I had my first daughter.  I love showing women how
dressing for their body type & lifestyle can boost their confidence
and make them love their wardrobe.

Janie: Any advice you can give someone who wants to go into this field?
Jenn: Stay consistent and focused on the goals they have. Hard work will
pay off.

Janie: You’re a new mom how is it balancing a
business and mom life?

Jenn: I have a 5 month old and an almost 4 year old! Balancing a business
& mom life is hard but rewarding.  I like that I can manipulate my
work schedule so I don’t miss out on things happening in their life.

jenn loyd

Janie: Where do you live?
Jenn: I live in the Phoenix Metro area and work with woman all throughout

Janie: Is there a motivational mantra or quote you love?

Jenn: Don’t wish for it, work for it.

Janie: Anytime you reach a certain level of success there are haters. How
do you handle any negative feedback, comments?

Jenn: I stay focused on my mission.  Of course, there will always be
haters in anything I pursue and I’ve let it get to me in the past
but I’ve learned that it’s not worth giving control to the haters.
I remember my “why” and keep going after it.  If anyone else is
dealing with this please remember, we all have a gift to share and
if you live it out people will be attracted to it.

Janie: Who are your inspirations? Give us two or three, and why.

Jenn: I have a couple inspirations.

First, my girls are a big
inspiration.  I want to be an example to them to go after their
dreams and if I don’t go after mine, they’ll never understand to go
after theirs.

My mom is my other inspiration.  She is a pillar of
strength. I won’t get into it here but she has overcome adversity
over adversity and still has a positive outlook on life.

Janie: Besides the fashion what are your hobbies? Things you love to do and
Jenn: I love fitness & food! I enjoy living a healthy, working out &
cooking healthy foods are fun for me.  I enjoy decorating my house &

jenn loyd

Janie: What are some future goals of yours?
Jenn: To start charity events that bring women together through style.

Janie: What are you most grateful for?
Jenn: I am grateful that God has given me a passion to help other women
and for my loving family who always supports me.

Janie: People are often criticized for only showing the “good” things in
their life on social media. So let’s be relatable to the readers for
a second. What is something you struggle with?

Jenn: I struggle with balancing it all, wearing multiple hats a day and
being ok with letting one or more go.

Janie: Everyone loves good food. What is your favorite treat?

Jenn: My favorite treat is the chocolate cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.
They are so delicious!

Janie: What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Jenn: I love reality tv! And I am a loyal friend.  I believe having a
strong group of girls is essential in life.

Janie: If you could give one piece of advice to the readers, what would it
Jenn: Surround yourself with good girlfriends and be a good friend. When
things get tough, walk side by side with your friends and be there
for them.  Reach out to them often.

Janie: Where can the readers find you? Website/social sites

loyd family

There we have it Bombshell’s! She has great style, a super cute family and wants to help you look your best for your body type. Go follow her!

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