Bombshell Spotlight: Holly James

Holly J James is the Bombshell Spotlight this week and she’s on a mission to inspire and influence positive change in people’s lives and to spread the message that you have a choice, you have blessings and you have the power to create exactly the life you want. She’s a mother and a strong woman who chose to leave the corporate world to help people with their health and fitness.

holly j james

Janie: Give us your story. What got you started in helping people lose weight and get healthy?

Holly: I found myself in the emergency room very sick with pneumonia after arriving home from a business trip. Even though I’d been eating healthy and exercise regularly, the stress and long works hours got to me. I decided that night in the hospital that I would change my lifestyle and help others to do that too.

Janie: What makes you different from other health/fitness coaches?

Holly: The difference between me and other health and fitness coaches is that I don’t put my clients on restrictive diets, crazy workouts routines or supplements that are not sustainable. We focus on what works for each individual’s unique needs. The best expert on what a client needs is themselves. The changes we make are behavioral and habitual, so they last long term.

Janie: So many people try and fail when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. What can best help people stay healthy and fit, in your opinion?

Holly:  People get caught up in the latest and greatest diets and exercise routines, there are so many “experts” out there all with their own opinion as to how you should stay healthy and fit. What I teach my clients is that the only expert on you and your body is YOU. When you have a connected and healthy relationship with yourself, you’ll know exactly what to eat, how much of it to eat and when to stop eating. You’ll also be clear on what kind of movement your body and your mind enjoy. When we create rigidity in our health and fitness, it only lasts a short time. If we create balance and enjoyment, we want to do it and it creates good behaviors that last a lifetime.

Janie: Is there a motivational mantra or quote you love?

Holly: “Things are always working out for me.” It allows me to refocus on how things will work, rather than why they can’t.

Janie: Who are your inspirations? Give us one or two, and why.

Holly: JJ Virgin is one, I just saw her speak at a health conference over the weekend. She failed several times when starting out, but did not give-up and then got her family through the tragedy of her son’s accident while at the same time preparing what turned out to be a best selling book. She prevailed through adversity and found success, a huge inspiration.

Another is David Neagle, he also experienced a life changing accident and now lives his life helping others to get through what is holding them back from their own greatness.

The honesty and authenticity that these two people live by through their work and the high standard that they hold themselves up to deeply inspires me.


holly james wedding

Janie: Besides the fitness what are your hobbies? Things you love to do and enjoy?

Holly: Traveling with my husband to new places is one of my most favorite things to do. Getting outside hiking and paddle boarding are high on the list. The best moments I think are making dinner together with my husband, enjoying a glass of wine while we cook and then sitting together around the dinner table with all the kids enjoying food and conversation.


Janie: What are some future goals of yours?

Holly: My biggest goal is to help as many people as I can live healthy, happy lives in a body they adore.


Janie: What are you most grateful for?

Holly: I am most grateful for the challenges, some of them very painful, that I have encountered in my past, if they had not happened I never would have realized my strength.

Janie: People are often criticized for only showing the “good” things in their life on social media. So let’s be relatable to the readers for a second. What is something you struggle with?

Holly: Well I do have days or moments in days where I get down on myself or am hard on myself and begin that downward spiral. I have to get in there with the mindset work quickly before I get dragged down to that dark yucky place!


Janie: Everyone loves good food. What is your favorite healthy treat?

Holly: Coconut milk ice cream!

Janie: What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Holly: I was very much a tomboy when I was a kid. Had my hair short, dressed like a boy and liked to play in the dirt with Tonka toys!

Janie: If you could give one piece of advice to the readers, what would it be?

Holly: Invest in yourself. The better the relationship you can create with yourself, the better your life will be. And that is PRICELESS.

holly j james



Here are all the ways you can find and get in contact with Holly

Holly J. James Corporate Wellness Specialist CEO of LifeTech Corporate Wellness Solutions 250-415-5669 | | | | Skype: hollyjjames | Victoria, BC


Facebook business pages:

I hope you enjoy this Bombshell Spotlight! She’s out there to help you so take her up on it!

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