Bombshell Spotlight: Carly Reeves

Carly Reeves has  risen to the top of her online business and is a total BOMBSHELL! She’s a wife and mother, who didn’t even like make up all that much and yet still is one of the top people in the Younique beauty company. She doesn’t let anything hold her back! Read on to learn her ways and more about this amazing woman.

Carly Reeves Bombshell Interview. Younique top leader




Janie: What got you started with your Younique business?

Carly: I had recently moved to Albuquerque NM with my husband and 3 kids and didn’t know anyone. I was at home with my 3 little crazies (Ages 3 month to 5 years) and I needed something. I had always worked and gone to school my whole marriage and was going a little crazy being at home all the time with no friends or escape. We also needed to make some extra money. My husband’s job was such a blessing and the reason we moved to NM but after the bills were paid every month, we didn’t have anything left over. No savings and lots and lots of school debt. I saw my cousin Angie posting pictures of our mascara on FB and I had to order it so I could see if it really worked like everyone said it did. So I ordered, it came, I put it on, and signed up a few minutes later. The rest is history.


Janie: Have you always loved makeup?

Carly: No. I have never even liked makeup, much less loved it. I have always worn drug store makeup and usually bought whatever was cheapest. I am a very low maintenance person so the time it took to apply makeup and fix my hair was way too much for me so it never interested me at all. But wow have I learned some tricks since! Before Younique I had never put ANY type of color on my lips. You couldn’t have bribed me to. Now I am obsessed with rocking the bright pinks and reds and think of what a boring life I would have lived if I would have never discovered colored lipsticks J


Janie: What is your current status in the company and what does it mean?

Carly: My current status in Younique is Black Status Level 1. Black Status is our highest status. Within Black Status are 3 levels. The first one is our car bonus. I am one of 7 presenters that have hit this Level 1 car bonus and super proud of that. The team I work with is relentless.


Janie: So many people join a company like Younique and never get anywhere. What do you think you did that made a difference?

Carly: When I joined Younique I made a decision to work hard and be 100% consistent. I also decided from the very beginning that I would not let what other people thought or said effect what my goals were and my success. So that’s exactly what I did. I believed in this opportunity and could see myself hitting the top of the company. All I had to do was work hard and stay consistent to get there. I was very relentless and worked very hard every single day. I blocked any negativity that came my way and remained positive daily. I knew it was a journey and I could do anything I set my mind to.


Janie: Any tips on how others can become successful with Younique or any online business?

Carly: Consistency!!! Stay consistent. You will never see instant results when building a business. If you are consistent then you will plant seeds every single day that will later on bring you reward. And the world is changing. People aren’t going to brick and mortars anymore. They are started to purchase everything more and more online from their homes. Running an online business can be extremely profitable if you work every single day. You can expand your network endlessly all over the world through social media. The possibilities are endless with a business like Younique.



Janie: How do you stay so motivated?

Carly: I do a lot of personal development. You have to in a business like this. I always make sure not to dwell on negative energy and try to turn everything into a positive. It’s a crucial trait when you are a leader. I also stay motivated because of the people I work with. So many of them inspire me with their stories and the way they work and it keeps me going every single day. And when I see people on my team growing and finding success (whatever that looks like to them) it truly keeps me pumped. I wake up excited and go to bed excited every single day.


Janie: Is it difficult balancing mom life and the biz?

Carly: Yes it can be very difficult some days, but so worth it. I am home with my kids every single day and am able to support my entire family at the same time. It’s also given me the chance to set that example for my kids and I’m really grateful for that. But yes, it gets crazy and tricky most days but I have learned and gotten better at time management over the past couple of years.

carly reeves Younique leader with her family


Janie: Anytime you reach a certain level of success there are haters. How do you handle any negative feedback, comments?

Carly: I honestly just delete them and move on. I have learned that it only reflects them and not me. In order to run a successful business and uplift and inspire others as a leader is to keep all negativity out of your life. I preach this. I will not give it any attention at all because there are so many others in my life that love and support me.


Janie: Who are your inspirations?

Carly: One of my biggest inspirations is my Sister Jordan. She has been through more in her life than any other person that I know and she continues to fight every single day. She wakes up and takes care of her family and she ALWAYS laughs through it all. She doesn’t take herself or her situation too seriously and although has been through hell and back, she’s still one of the most fun and uplifting people to be around. I have always wanted to be more like her and I still do.


Janie: Besides makeup what are your hobbies? Things you love to do and enjoy?

Carly: Oh I love love love music. Before Younique and babies and all that I was in an indie rock band called A Film in the Ballroom. I spent a lot of time writing music and performing. We even recorded a couple of albums. I love going to concerts as well. I also love soccer and my husband and I have our favorite teams we watch together. And of course my kids. I especially love going to their activities and watching them grow and become really cool people.

carly reeves singing

Janie: What are some future goals of yours?

Carly: As far as Younique goes, I would love to have at least 10 more Black Statuses on my team. The amazing thing about Younique’s mission and compensation plan is that it’s built for everyone to succeed and make money. Not just a few at the top. The leaders on my team are so amazing and I can’t wait to celebrate them when they hit the top. Another goal of mine is to share this opportunity with as many people as I can and continue to work hard in helping my team find success.


Janie: What are you most grateful for?

Carly: I am beyond blessed in my life and is so difficult to pick one thing I’m most grateful for, but it would most definitely be my family. My husband Andrew is the most patient and loving person in the world. He balances me out so much and loves me through all my crazy. He’s so unbelievably supportive as well. And my 3 little monsters.. They make me crazy everyday but I couldn’t imagine this world without each of them. So blessed to have such an amazing family and be entrusted with 3 of God’s angels.


Janie: People are often criticized for only showing the “good” things in their life on social media. So let’s relate to the readers for a second. What is something you struggle with?

Carly: Oh man, I could name a few LOL. First off, I struggle with doing makeup! I have built an organization with over 20,000 women who all share our amazing products so it’s pretty ironic that I struggle with how to even put it on.  I also struggle with time management and asking for help. I tend to kill myself with work and things I need to do before I will ask my team or leaders to help me and I need to work on that more. And I also REALLY struggle with eating healthy lol.


Janie: Where can the readers find you? Website/social names?

Carly: They can find me on Facebook at: and they can email me at My website to look at our amazing products is


Such a great interview! Very informative and inspiring. If you’re interested at all in Younique makeup or joining the company, she’s your girl! Send her an email


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