Banish Back Fat With These 5 Moves

The bulge on your back from your bra… you know what I’m talking about. Right under the armpits. Some say its because your bra doesn’t fit right, and maybe that’s true but extra fat is probably also the culprit.

This happens to be one of the area’s I gain weight in first. It’s unsightly and annoying. Fortunately with a good healthy diet and these 5 moves you can annihilate the back flab because trust me, you want that sh*t annihilated.

First thing’s first. Grab some weights, probably 5-10 pounders and get great to feel the burn, Bombshell.

  1. Back fly’s. With this move you’ll bend over at the hips, keep your back straight and start with your weights centered. Then raise them up to shoulder height, pause (this is very important… PAUSE for a 3 count) and lower back down slowly.



2. Bent Over Row. Here you’ll also be bent over at the hips with a straight back. No Quasimodo, ladies. You’ll pull the weight back with your elbows pointed at the ceiling and pause for a 3 count at the top and slowly lower back down.

bent over row2

bent over row1

3. Standing Lat Pulse. As the name says, you’ll be standing straight with your weights parallel to your hips and your going to pulse pushing the weights straight back for 30 seconds.

lat pulse

lat pulse2


4. Rear Delt Raise. This is similar to a back fly but is more concentrated. You’ll start bent over at the hips, yet again, and with the weight parallel to your hips raise one arm up, elbow toward the ceiling as much as is comfortable, keeping the arm straight the entire time, PAUSE for … what ladies? Yes, 3 seconds and slowly lower back down.


rear delt raise2

rear delt raise1


5. Knee Push Up’s ( or on your toes if you’re at that level, you beast) I’m sure you know how to do a push up but let’s make sure you’re doing it without your butt up in the air. This move will work your back, chest, arms and even the core. It’s one you should do often for a Bombshell Body!


knee push ups1

knee push ups2


That’s our 5 moves! Repeat them all 3 times for 8-12 reps (make it hard). If it doesn’t hurt at least a little it won’t change you.

And let’s NOT talk about how flat my butt is in these pants. Like wo. After this baby is born its operation Bombshell Booty time.

Let me know how you like these workouts in the comments. If you have any questions also leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


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