7 Ways to Wear A Black Leather Jacket This Fall

I’m a summer girl through and through but there are TWO things I LOVE about Autumn/Fall.

Pumpkin everything, but especially pumpkin chocolate chip cookies or bread.


Fall fashion.

I love boots, hoodies and jackets. Fall is awesome because you can get away with wearing a light jacket where as in winter, (at least where I live) your would-be cute outfit is covered up with a giant puffy coat because well, 10 degrees or below requires it.

That’s why Fall is magical.

The feature today is the black leather jacket,  as you may have gathered from the title. It looks good on everyone. It can give you an edgy look if that’s what you’re going for or casual/cute. Either way, you need one this Fall and here are some different ways to wear it.


This right here, an oversized scarf, blue jeans and a pop of color with your purse. Purse isn’t required and neither is the hat but I love the scarf and ripped blue jeans with this jacket.



All black. Black shirt, jeans, jacket and probably some black boots. It’s edgy but oh so good.

all black, leather


This is where cute meets punk. Well, punk isn’t really a thing anymore, that’s so the 90’s early 2000’s but you get it, right? A cute pink (or any bright color) dress under a black leather.




Colored skinny jeans & stripes. Goes great with the jacket. I also like the short boots, although knee high boots would probably look just as good.



Fancy meets leather with this look. A flowy dress/skirt with heels.



My personal favorite combo. The hoodie under the jacket with some skinnies and boots.



And lastly we have a slouchy skirt and shirt with the jacket to dress it up. Comfy and stylish! This could be worn with heels, flats or boots.


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