My 20 Year Old Self Wouldn’t Have Believed It


janie kearl @ The Bombshell Initiative

I used to be the junkiest of the junk food eaters. I mean, i was a sweet tooth to the max and I’m also a snacker. I don’t know why but food is often on my mind. When people say “Oh, i forgot to eat” .. I just stare in astonishment WTF! who “forgets” to eat? ! How does one forget to eat? Even now I love eating. Although I’ve switched to foods that are better for my body and mind and smaller portions. I still just plain and simple like to eat and snack. My mother-in-law recently told me that food is a burden to her. She only eats because she has to… again mind blow. I guess people are just wired differently.

I haven’t done one of these transformation posts so thought I’d share because I know losing weight can be a long war but there’s hope! Lol it just takes winning many different battles with yourself EVERY DAY. Fit Janie won the war but Chubby Janie still hangs around in the shadows. What I’m trying to say is that even though I’m fit and healthy now, it’s not easy for me. Yeah, I’d like to eat ice cream every day and burgers and fries but I don’t. Because I know how it makes me feel.. like crap… and i don’t like the way i look when i eat like that either.

When people see me now it’s hard for them to see the girl who used to be a bad junk food eater that hated working out. Now people call me a “health nut” and when they think of me, many think of a girl who’s into fitness. If I’d have told my 20-year-old self that, she wouldn’t have believed it.

YOU can become the person you want to as well, you just have to make a firm decision and fight the old each day and focus on becoming the new healthy, strong, you. I believe in you! Seriously, if i can make the change I know that anyone can.



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