6 Rules To A Flat Tummy

Flat Tummy Rules @ the Bombshell Initiative

  It seems that all of us are in search of the illusive flat tummy.  To some it comes naturally, others it’s like a mythical unicorn that they don’t imagine themselves ever seeing. It’s something that is difficult for most people to achieve because of the average lifestyle. So I’m going to tell you what it takes and how to get one.

   YOU have to decide if you’re willing to put in the effort. All the knowledge in the world won’t do you a any good if you don’t take action!

Rule one

Lose all over body fat. You can’t spot reduce fat, meaning, if you want to lose belly fat you have to lose fat all over. Period. There is no other way around it. And to do this you must burn more calories than you take in.

Rule Two

Take probiotics; they are a must for most people. Have you ever taken anitbiotics, ate processed food, ate lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates? DO you experience bloating and gas? Maybe even occasional or reoccurring acne? Taking a probiotic helps restore the good bacteria in your gut. You need a healthy gut flora to have a flat tummy. A probiotic supplement helps with the digestion process.

A good probiotic will have BILLIONS of good bacteria and at least 9-10 strains. This will control acne, encourages a balance of good bacteria in the body, helps improve immune function and encourages healthy cell renewal AND help get you a flatter tummy.

Rule Three

Do high intensity cardio & Plank exercises. A study by East Tennessee University  wroteIt terms of exercise as a means of weight control, it appears evident that high intensity interval training may produce a change in fat weight and body composition not found in low intensity interval training, especially when a longer training period is used.”

It’s shorter periods of time and burns more fat.

Planks work your entire core and won’t build out abs but make a flat belly.

Rule Four

Go for a walk or a lower intensity workout on an empty stomach each day. I know the above study shows that high intensity is better than low intensity for weight loss BUT People underestimate the power of walking and its many benefits. It’s easy to do and you can do it for a long time. Someone who’s fresh off the couch is going to have a harder time doing a 25 minute high intensity training session than a 60 minute walk. It doesn’t burn a ton of calories but you can do it for long periods of time and it gets you into the “fat burning zone”.

I suggest you watch a YouTube video titled “23 1/2 Hours” for the many benefits of walking. Such as lowering depression, helping with arthritis, weight loss and more.

Training on an empty stomach in the morning where you’ve been fasting for usually at least 8 hours, helps you burn stored fat instead of stored glycogen or sugar.

Rule Five

Eat about 80% whole foods. Whole foods are great for you and usually lower in calories so you can feel full and satisfied. They are foods with asingle ingredient, chicken, rice, apples, carrots etc. They aren’t altered in any way and usually lower in sugar and they aren’t processed or refined. Which helps with a flatter tummy.

Rule Six

Macronutrient balance determines body composition. If you want a flat toned tummy you need to eat enough protein, carbs and fats and in the right way.  You could potential lose weight on diet soda, chips and Twinkies if the calories are low enough but you’ll look “skinny fat” with a fat tummy.

And there we have it gang. These are my tried and true methods. It’s how i lost 50lbs and how i plan on losing my baby weight after I have Jaylee Jane in October!


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