5 Simple Half Up Half Down Hairstyles You’ll Love

I’m obsessed with long hair, but i also have a slight problem of changing my hair color often which damages the crap out of it. I’m currently growing my hair out from above my shoulder to now a couple inches below my shoulders but I’m dreaming and waiting for the day my hair is at least mid back once again.

I wear clip in hair extensions on occasion but as of late i just don’t feel like wearing them. I’m debating on getting micro bead extensions some time here soon but it’s still up for debate since i have a baby due in October and I have lots of things to buy. Making my hair longer for a few hundred bucks isn’t exactly a priority.

But day dreaming about long hair is what has inspired this post today… long pretty hair!


  1. Cara Loren is one of my fav bloggers! And she has amazing hair. This hairstyle is so cute and easy to do.

cara loren-half up



2. I don’t know who this is but i LOVE the braid. It just adds a little something different to the every day bunhalf down braid bun



3. Another braid. Loosely done on the top of the head and pulled into a bun. So cute.

half up braid



4. Easy bun with loose curls. half up bun



5. I just like the way Hilary Duff’s hair is pulled out of her face but still has volume. I’m a lover of big hair!half up poof


I suppose you don’t have to have really long hair to pull this styles off. I’ll try some myself and do a post and we can see what they look like on medium length hair. Although, I’ll warn you it could be a minute. Being 7 months pregnant doesn’t have me motivated to actually do my hair often. I’ve been very sick throughout my pregnancy.

Anyway, I hope you try these styles out and if you do tag me in the pictures!













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